GUYANA: Steps now afoot to digitise Guyana Police Force records – Attorney General Anil Nandlall

— after fire destroys century old Brickdam Police Station

A.G. Anil Nandlall

Nandlall said, given that the fire destroyed all the paper records of firearm licences, court documents, files belonging to the CID, Narcotics, and Traffic Departments, it will take some time for the A Division Police Department to rebuild a database.

The AG noted that it will definitely result in delays for those seeking justice, particularly in the Georgetown magisterial district.

“It will result in more chronic delays,” he said adding, that “on one hand, we are trying to bring speed and expediency to the wheels of justice, and then they are those who wish to put a spoke in that wheel, literally.”
“And if they feel that by doing that, they are doing something against the government they’re absolutely mistaken…the people of Guyana, those people, innocent or guilty, who are in the system will now have to remain in the system,” the Attorney General continued pointing out to those persons and their family members will suffer injustice and inconvenience.

Towards this end, the AG announced plans to fully digitise all records of the Guyana Police Force.

He explained that with the SCJS programme, the Ministry of Legal Affairs will soon donate a quantity of computers, printers and other equipment to the Guyana Police Force to assist ranks in the effective execution of their work for the ultimate benefit of the public.

“We will soon again donate to the Police Force a large complement of computers and printers with the intention that they are to be used for the typing of statements which are to be used as the basis for prosecution in the courts across this country,” he added.

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