BOOK: The NATION BUILDERS – by Tony Phillips (Author) 

A DOME MURAL IN GUYANA – An Absorbing story of Creativity, Innovation and Resilience

This is about the painting on the ceiling of Barclays Bank on Water Street. Georgetown. Guyana


The successful completion of the mural “THE BUILDERS” is a story of the generosity and willing contributions of several individuals from both local and international organisations spread across three continents, all of who collaborated to ensure the success of a project born out of a simple idea/request from an architect looking to enliven the interior of this financial institution.

The book retraces for the first time, the unexpected series of events and situations which occurred at every stage of its development and covers the two years of planning and execution that Tony Phillips and Stanley Greaves set out on, until its completion on 8 June 1974.     

It reflects over the past 47 years since its completion providing insights into the techniques, challenges and endurance to complete a project which highlight the magnitude and innovation of the project and how it all unfolded.

Perhaps one of the lessons demonstrated from the endeavour is that no matter how daunting a challenge may appear, it can be overcome with self-belief, determination and most of all an open mind and a willingness to seek advice from others.

Book: The NATION BUILDERS –  by Tony Phillips (Author) –  Paperback – August 23, 2021


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