CANADA: Digging Deep Into The Canadian Economy – Video

Canada: Digging Deep Into The Canadian Economy

Released on September 17, 2021 by Economic Raven

Canada, a commonwealth country, has a service based economy, based on the principle of “Peace, Order, and Good Government. Canada is not a socialist country. It is a capitalistic economy. A mixture of capitalism and minimum state regulation, instead of a mixture of capitalism and socialism. 

Canada, just like many developed nations, followed a sequence of transitioning from a raw-material-based economy to a manufacturing-based economy, and finally transitioning again to a service-based economy. Ranked among the top ten countries on Economic Freedom Index, the Canadian economy has some resemblance with the Australian economy.       

The video also discusses Canadian immigration and its role on the country’s economy. The population factor is also mentioned and how the aging population, low fertility rate and lower working age population has been impacting the economy. It also mentions the types of immigrants including the students, skilled workers and rich investors. The video also discusses Canada’s willingness to push away from it’s oil dependence and how it impacts the economy. I

t mentions the Staples Thesis as well how much diversified the economy is. The video went on to discuss maple syrup, Canada and United States trade, minimum wage, household debt, disposable household income & discretionary income, household debt, manufacturing sector, healthcare system etc. among the other topics.

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  • wally n  On 09/23/2021 at 7:11 pm

    “service-based economy” a country filled with every conceivable asset reduced to Service Based…this is a pure Globalist plan or horse shit. destroying a country from the inside, Liberals lost all contact with reality, express road to shit hole status, bub bye CANADA.

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