GUYANA: Catholic churches suspend public worship in solidarity with unvaccinated members

-will meet virtually

Bishop Francis Alleyne has announced that Guyana’s Roman Catholic churches will be suspending public worship indefinitely in solidarity with parishioners who would not be allowed entry as a result of the government’s recent restrictions on access to public spaces by unvaccinated persons.

“Our churches will be closed for public worship until further notice,” Bishop Alleyne said in a statement to church members that was released today.

Bishop Francis Alleyne

He said from Friday, September 10, the churches would be conducting all worship virtually.

Further tightening of COVID regulations, the government last Saturday gazetted a measure requiring that persons who want to enter buildings to which the public has access to be vaccinated or show evidence of a recent negative PCR test result.

It has been criticized as a violation of civil liberties as the administration is seeking to increase vaccine uptake.

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  • Pedro  On 09/09/2021 at 2:30 am

    Bishop Alleyne ,why do you continue to make these selfish, uninformed decisions. So the many Catholics who are doing the right thing, and are vaccinated, must be refused Mass, because of the far fewer,who are doing the wrong thing, and refusing to be vaccinated, and you condone that behaviour.You are setting a very bad example, and you will cause the illness and even deaths of many ,who will consider you to be supporting, the anti vaccers.
    Please do not dare to hide behind “human rights violation”, garbage. Covid 19, and all of its deadly variants, care nothing about human rights, it serves its own masters, severe illness,, and death,and only a mass vacination campaign, can defeat it. Shame on you Alleyne.

  • WIC  On 09/10/2021 at 1:57 am

    In many parts of the world, places of worship were closed and services conducted on-line for many months under the restrictions imposed on social gatherings; attendance at weddings and funerals were limited to ten(10) in Ontario, Canada for 8 months. People who refuse to take the vaccine for reasons other than on doctors’ written recommendation should RIGHTLY be prevented from interacting with others as they refuse to cooperate with medical advice. THOSE are the ones who should be should be excluded from attending Mass and not be the instruments in penalizing the vaccinated. Bishop Alleyne, get with the realities of life and cut out this nonsense about human rights. Have you ever heard of Typhoid Mary, the baby sitter to the wealthy in New York City? Goggle it, and you will find that after being proven to continuously spreading typhoid but not getting ill(she was what is now known as assymthomatic) Mary was held in quarantine on a small island off NYC for the balance of her life, for over 30 years.

  • Jean  On 09/11/2021 at 7:30 am

    This is a violation of the rights of members who chose to be vaccinated…denial of right to worship which is a Constitutional right.
    The church is siding with the wrong…but why is it not surprising

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