BUSINESS: Companies Do Not Care About Staff Loyalty (Anymore) – Video

Companies Do Not Care About Staff Loyalty (Anymore) – How Money Works

Video by How Money Works:

How many people do you know that have been with their current employer for more than 10 years? Well according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics it’s actually 29% of people, which sounds suspiciously high until you consider that a vast majority of this group are made up of workers on the verge of retirement, which is important to remember for later. Amongst all workers in the US the median was just over 4 years.          

In fact multiple studies have suggested that full time workers that stick with their employers for more than two years on average get paid FIFTY PERCENT LESS. This is an unbelievably large gap, ESPECIALLY when you consider that the average of the loyal working group will be drastically inflated by senior executives and the c suite who tend to have more tenure. In plain English, for regular Joes like you or me, this 50% figure is likely understated.

So why aren’t companies stopping this? Surely having to pay tens of thousands of dollars to advertise a position, interview candidates, onboard new staff, train them and wait for them to get up to speed with their new role is not sustainable if it has to be done over and over again every 2 years… right?… Well you would think so, but there are a few reasons why companies don’t care about employee loyalty… anymore…

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