SEA DEFENCE: How The Dutch Reclaim Land and Build Sea Walls – 2 videos

The Sea Wall That Saved a Nation- Video #1

This 32-kilometre sea wall saved an entire country from flooding. Now it’s getting a super-sized upgrade. Discover how –   The project team are using 2020s technology to upgrade a 1920s sea wall – …Full story here –…

—   Video #2 Below:   

SEA DEFENCE: How The Dutch Conquer Land That Doesn’t Exist – Video #2       

These videos explain how the Dutch have reclaimed land from the sea as well as protect their sea coasts from devastating floods. Most of the Netherlands is below sea level and they are experts in building and maintaining drainage systems that prevent or control flooding both internally from heavy rainfall and externally from North Sea storms.

——- Guyanese Online note:

Guyana’s drainage network of canals, dykes, polders and kokers were originally constructed by the Dutch as it was a Dutch colony from about 1581-1781. The coastlands are below sea level at high tide, similar to the Netherlands. Its drainage problems are also similar.

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  • wally n  On 08/25/2021 at 7:05 pm

    I expected Guyanese would have been on this like flies on crap.Actually only important thing here is RECLAIM!!!!!!! Try reclaiming the beach an giving it back to the sea, then build the wall, could end up, the final and cheaper option.

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