Linden Fund USA: LFU Reunion Picnic Enthusiastically Supported by the Community

LFU Reunion Picnic- 2021

Community members gathered at the Linden Fund USA (LFU) reunion picnic on Saturday August 7, 2021, at Canarsie Pier in Brooklyn, NY.

The event brought together members and friends for the first in-person LFU gathering since the COVID-19 pandemic prevented us from sharing in our usual annual events like the Breakfast Social and Family Fun Day. The day way well spent with members, friends, and family from noon until 8:30pm, with delicious food, great music, and loving camaraderie.     

Huge thanks to Gail Christopher-Henry and Desiree Blackman for tasty Guyanese dishes, and Geraldine Joseph-Watson for delicious home-made drinks, which they provided, even though we had asked families and friends to walk with their own baskets. LFU supporter Michael Stevenson supplied the music taking us down memory lane. Steve Henry was our man of the moment as he secured our spot on the popular picnic grounds since 6 a.m., and he was ably assisted by Ernest Joseph and Joan Casey, Chair, NY Chapter. LFU Vice Chair Keith Semple came with a contingent from New Jersey to revel in long friendships and enjoy the sharing and camaraderie among fellow Lindeners and friends.

Thank you to our partner, Ituni International Association, which was well very well represented by Chair Oscar Dukehall, Vice Chair Gordon Fungkhee, Secretary
Candace Primo, and others.

We’re indebted to Aubrey Lee for the pictures in this collage and Oswald Bobb for the video of the picnic that has been uploaded to our YouTube Channel. ( See  photos and video below)

Our sincere appreciation to our members and friends for their steadfast support of LFU as we strive to meaningfully serve Linden and Region 10. Stay safe

 VIEW: PDF COPY with PHOTOS – LFU Reunion Picnic at Canarsie Pier NY 



On August 7th, 2021 several members and the supporters of the Linden Fund USA reunited at Canarsie Pier, NY happy to see each other after the lengthy Covid separation.

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