NEW BOOK: The Twisted Circle:– A Novel by Rosaliene Bacchus

Front Cover – Designed by Rosaliene Bacchus

Front Cover of The Twisted Circle: A Novel – by Rosaliene Bacchus

When I left the convent in December 1977, my career as an art and geography high school teacher smashed against the boulders defending Guyana’s coastline. Broken and lost, I was set adrift—without purpose or direction for my return to secular life. Inspiration for my creative artistic expression vanished with the prevailing winds. Never to return…until now.

On completion of my second novel, The Twisted Circle, I had contacted two artists I knew about designing my front cover. Both declined to take on the project. Book cover design was not part of their expertise.         

In 2019, I considered contracting the services of a book cover designer on Then something peculiar happened during the early months of the COVID-19 lockdown. Amid the doldrums of anxiety and uncertainty, inspiration for taking on the project myself surfaced like a bubble from the ocean floor. Our subconscious mind works in mysterious ways.

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UNDER THE TAMARIND TREE  — A Novel by Rosaliene Bacchus

In this compelling story, a man who has endured much tragedy as a boy reaps the bitter fruit of deceit sown by his deceased father, threatening all he loves. While growing up in British Guiana, Richard Cheong wrestles with guilt after his younger brother is murdered and his mother’s death shortly thereafter.

As the lone surviving son, Richard believes that only a son can redeem his tormented soul and end his life of poverty and servitude to his father’s sister. After he marries the beautiful and headstrong Gloria, she bears him three girls. But in 1953 as Richard awaits the birth of what he hopes will be his first son, the British governor orchestrates a troop invasion, suspends the Guianese Constitution, and disbands the leftist government. As a chain of events unfurls that splinters Richard’s life and alters the course of his country, political unrest rages across the colony.


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  • Rosaliene Bacchus  On 07/12/2021 at 1:49 pm

    Thanks for sharing my post with your readers. Much appreciated 🙂

  • guyaneseonline  On 01/04/2022 at 10:00 pm

    More Praise for The Twisted Circle: A Novel by Rosaliene Bacchus
    5.0 out of 5 Stars – A Tangled Web

    This captivating novel throws the reader into the backroom dealings of a place of true believers: a convent in Guyana of four decades past. We soon discover that religious faith is not a guarantee of noble character.

    Rosaliene Bacchus, a Guyanese native and herself a former nun, knows the tropical and impoverished locale from the inside. Here are souls no different and no more psychologically settled than those of us not privy to what it is like to live within a community of women devoted to God. Sexism, racial prejudice, the Sisters’ unfulfilled dreams, and political unrest further complicate their earnest attempt to serve others and fulfill the tenants of their faith. Nor does the author fence the reader off from the challenges of celibacy.

    Rosaliene Bacchus set herself a considerable task. She offers us three principal dramatic settings: the convent, a public school where her protagonist teaches, and the outer world of Catholic Priests, indigenous peoples, and government officials. Once the reader becomes familiar with the many characters, the novel’s action moves swiftly.

    I am grateful to the author for an enlightening and enjoyable experience. May she go from strength to strength.

    Amazon Review by American Reader Tod Verklärung, posted on December 11, 2021.

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