TRAVEL: Trinidad to reopen borders July 17, 2021

 On July 17, the borders of Trinidad and Tobago will be opened to citizens and nationals of Trinidad and Tobago.

The announcement was made this afternoon by Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley who outlined the conditions under which people would be allowed into the country.

He said that T&T nationals who are fully vaccinated (defined as a person who has received the required number of doses of a WHO approved vaccine two weeks prior to travel and having shown proof of a negative PCR test taken 72 hours before) such a person who is a citizen or a resident would be allowed to enter, having shown proof of a negative PRC test taken no longer than 72 hours before.         

The PM said that such a person would be allowed to travel into T&T without hindrance and be allowed to go directly to their homes.

If such persons were traveling with children, these children would be allowed to go home with their parents/guardians.

A citizen or resident of T&T who was not vaccinated and wished to enter T&T, would be allowed to come home but must go into State supervised quarantine for 14 days.

The person must show proof of a negative PCR test taken no longer that 72 hours before.

The State quarantine would be State sanctioned hotels, and the stay would be at the person’s expense.

Non-nationals who are not vaccinated against Covid 19 will not, at this time, be allowed to enter T&T.

Rowley said that Caribbean Airlines would be giving more details, and that a digitised system where the traveler could provide information on vaccination status at the point of the booking (already available is some Caribbean countries) would be available in T&T before the July 17 date.

He said that he would be speaking with the Office of the Attorney General to strengthen the penalties against anyone who attempted to enter the country with fake vaccination documents.

He said that this major development was coming at a time when the Delta variant of the virus had emerged in the United States, was the major variant in the United Kingdom, and was “popular” in Africa.

He said that Covid 19 and its variants are still very active and aggressive worldwide, “notwithstanding what you are hearing from some people in Trinidad and Tobago who have no responsibility for nothing”.

He also said that vaccination does not mean a person had escaped or was fully safe.

“It means you are strengthened, but you still have to work to avoid the infection”, he said.
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