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GUYANA: President Ali removes Haitians from list of visa-free nations

Haitians and Cubans in Bon Fim. Brazil – arrested by Federal Police (file photo)

President Irfaan Ali has withdrawn the automatic six-month stay of Haitians on arrival in Guyana, now resulting in nationals of that former sister-Caribbean Community (CARICOM) having to get visas here.

The order, which  is dated June 22, 2021 and signed by President Irfaan Ali, removes Haitians from the list of nationals who can enter this country without visas. His order revokes the Immigration Order 2019 is revoked.    Continue reading

FINANCE: Cryptocurrencies, central banks and the Caribbean – By David Jessop

– By David Jessop

In less than three months, El Salvador intends becoming the first country in the world to make bitcoin its official currency alongside the US dollar.

President Nayib Bukele, a populist and media-savvy disruptor, says his decision will generate employment, enable the financial inclusion of tens of thousands of the country’s citizens who operate outside the formal economy, and enable its large diaspora in the US and elsewhere to send money to their families more cheaply.

The idea is that the government will guarantee convertibility to dollars at the time of transaction through a US$150 million trust fund created at the country’s development bank, BANDESAL.            Continue reading

USA: Critical race theory offers a welcome chance for racial dialogue – By Mohamed Hamaludin

– By Mohamed Hamaludin

In Jean M. Auel’s 1980 book “Clan of the Cave Bear,” the heroine, Ayla, a Cro-Magnon, was given the “death curse” by the Neanderthals among whom she lived – a form of banishment in which the cursed is totally ignored as if dead. Some Republican leadersare trying to do the same to “critical race theory” (CRT)to, pardon the pun, further whitewash the past. But history cannot be changed by banishing inconvenient truths.

Florida, for example, was “among the most brutal [states] in the country when it comes to race-fueled executions of black people,” Ray Downs reported in the Broward/Palm Beach New Times in 2015. “Per capita, Floridians lynched at a higher rate than any other state,” Downs said, citing Bryan Stevenson’s Equal Justice Initiative.          Continue reading

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