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  • Clyde Duncan  On 06/24/2021 at 3:53 am

    What Will Trump’s Presidential Library Be Like?

    James Jordan | Quora

    I have visited the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, so I know what such a library should look like. Therefore, I am pretty sure how Trump’s library will look upon its completion.

    AS YOU APPROACH THE STRUCTURE, YOU NOTICE THE FACADE IS A REPLICA OF THE WALL THAT TRUMP PROMISED MEXICO WOULD PAY FOR – AND NEVER DID. The wall facade isn’t very big, but neither is the actual wall built by the Trump administration after nearly four years of talking about it.

    AFTER PAYING AN OBSCENE AMOUNT OF MONEY TO ENTER THE LIBRARY, YOU FIND YOURSELF IN THE “LAW AND ORDER ROOM”. This consists of photos of Trump at various police events. But there are no photos of peaceful protesters being tear-gassed, nor images of unarmed people being killed by police. Equally absent are any representations of Trump’s impeachment or the Mueller Report which document Trump as the most corrupt president in U.S. history.

    THE NEXT ROOM IS RESERVED ONLY FOR REPUBLICAN MEMBERS OF CONGRESS TO ACCESS. It is called the “Hypocrisy Room”. It consists only of floor-to-ceiling mirrors.

    THE NEXT ROOM IS ENTERED THROUGH A SERIES OF REVOLVING DOORS. These symbolize the countless generals, defense department, state department and other government professionals who were fired by the Trump administration in a maniacal attempt to create a government as devoid of values as Trump himself.

    NEXT, YOU ENTER THE “RUSSIAN ROOM”, WHICH SHOWS MANNEQUINS REPRESENTING TRUMP AND PUTIN, EMBRACING AND KISSING LIKE PASSIONATE LOVERS. There will be no appearance of anything to suggest collusion by the Russians in our elections, nor payments by Putin to Middle Eastern terrorist groups for the killing of U.S. military personnel.

    NEXT COMES THE “TOUGH ON CHINA ROOM”, but it will show nothing of the thousands of farmers and other industrial U.S. workers destroyed by the U.S.- China trade wars.

    WHEN ENTERING THE NEXT ROOM, YOU ARE GREETED BY A STATUE OF KELLYANNE CONWAY, with a recording that reminds you to reject all facts and embrace “alternative facts”.

    THEN, YOU’LL ENTER THE “FOX NEWS ROOM”, which shows a statue of Sean Hannity sacrificing small animals at the altar of Donald Trump.

    FROM THERE, YOU’LL FIND YOURSELF IN THE “EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN ROOM”, where the statues’ eyes are blindfolded so they are unable to see the truth of Trump’s policies.

    NEXT COMES THE “MAGIC INK ROOM”, where Trump’s documented 23,000 lies are written on the walls in special ink that can be read by Democrats, Independents, and people capable of rational thought, but NOT any current Republicans.

    THE NEXT ROOM FEATURES AN ARTIST’S RENDERING OF MOUNT RUSHMORE WITH TRUMP’S FACE ADDED TO THE MOUNTAIN, since Trump is the greatest president in U.S. history. If you don’t believe me: Just ask him!

    NEXT IS THE “IMMIGRATION ROOM”, with more photos of the wall, but no pictures of children in cages that were kidnapped by the Trump administration. Many of those children will never see their parents again, because the parents were deported without their children.

    THE FINAL ROOM IS THE “TRUTH ROOM”, which contains only an automatic fire sprinkler. If anything resembling the truth enters Trump’s property, it immediately bursts into flames and must be extinguished.

    FINALLY, YOU REACH THE GIFT SHOP, where you are charged $30 for a $5 “Make America Great Again” cap. You leave with the same feeling as those who attended Trump University, wanting your money back.

  • wally n  On 06/25/2021 at 3:37 pm

    Load of crap…
    here is something useful…good for the body…..great for the mind..you have one life time..stop wasting it…

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