GUYANA: Is the establishment of the Regional Support Team a return to the phantom squad? – Harmon – Video

HGPTV (Channel16 Cable67) – June 17, 2021

Leader of the Opposition, Joseph Harmon, asserts that establishing a new security crime-fighting unit, which is to be established by the government of the day, is reminiscent of the days of the phantom squad. Wendell Badrie has the details.

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  • Dennis Albert  On 06/26/2021 at 1:32 am

    The 2000s are returning, this time with Gold, oil and drugs as GOD. It will be worse for Guyanese of certain backgrounds.

    The Black Haitians were recently banned because the PPP knows that the Haitians don’t take nonsense, and would fight back, just like in the year 1789.

    When the day comes that the nationalist from Poland or Russia commits an act of anti-Islamic mass murder because they conflate Hinduism with Islam, would the PPP feel.

    How does the PPP feel knowing that former USSR countries and Poland murder Hindus by mistaking them as Muslims?

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