CRICKET: Its Golden Time for Joseph “Reds” Perriera – cricket commentator

From a Mumbai Newspaper article

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  • Ron Saywack.  On 06/19/2021 at 4:59 am

    West Indies vs. India at Bourda:

    As a schoolboy, I would listen to Joseph (Reds) Peireira commentating on cricket matches from venues across the Caribbean. I am delightfully surprised that he’s still at it at the age of 82, and sounding as good as ever.

    Age is no barrier to success. Reds began his illustrious broadcasting career in the commentary booth in the third drawn-Test at Bourda between the West Indies and India in 1971. I was at the iconic ground for the match. In those days you could sneak in onto the field of play before (occasionally during) and after the game. There was also plenty of spectators perched high up in the trees around the ground for a birdseye view.

    One morning, I went up to have a bowl at the Indian batsmen at net practice in the northeast part of the ground — when a young Sunil Gavaskar came up and had a brief chat with me. I also went up for a chat with the great Garry Sobers – at the close of play – as he walked off the field to the pavilion shortly after he had scored an unbeaten century in the second innings. Gavaskar also scored a century in the match.

    I was seated in the northwest part of the stadium when the left-handed, bespectacled Clive Lloyd, batting from the northern end, leaned back and powerfully slammed a short-pitched delivery off the bowling of Srinivas Venkataraghavan through the covers for four. Before you could count from 1-3, the ball was ricocheting off the boundary boards. That blistering image is indelibly imprinted in the memory bank.

    Reds often shared the booth alongside the late master commentator Tony Cozier and the visiting international commentators. It was a treat to listen to them all, each in his unique style. Interestingly, Reds did not finish high school and had to overcome a stammer to realize his dream as a broadcaster, very much like President Biden had to. That is what is called determination.

    Keep it going, Reds.


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