BUSINESS: Amazon embraces hybrid work in post-pandemic

‘We recognize this is an unprecedented time’

BY Emily Douglas – 14 Jun 2021 – Human Resources Director -HRD

Amazon is adopting a hybrid approach to work post-pandemic, allowing employees to choose between a mix of in-office and remote work. According to an internal memo, seen by HRD, the retail giant dictates that employees should be in the office for at least three days a week with the flexibility of remote work for up to two days.

Corporate employees will have the choice to work up to four weeks per year fully remote from a domestic location. Other roles which were mainly remote pre-pandemic will remain so – such as sales and customer service.       

“We recognize this is an unprecedented time,” the memo read.  “We’re all figuring out how work will keep evolving and what will be best for customers, our teams, and individual employees. Amazonians have worked hard over the past 16 months, and helped so many customers and businesses cope with the unusual pandemic circumstances. We appreciate your hard work, commitment and invention on behalf of customers during this time, and appreciate your feedback and thoughts as we evolve our working culture and environments now and for the future.”

Recently, Amazon vowed to continue its diversity plans and rooting out any potential bias in hiring. Beth Galetti, senior vice president of people experience and technology, added that they’re looking for recruits from a diverse set of backgrounds.

“These goals represent the next step in Amazon’s diversity, equity, and inclusion journey, not the final destination,” said Galetti. “It is going to take time and consistent focus to get where we want to be. Additionally, these goals represent only a slice of Amazon’s ongoing DEI work, and they are complemented by goals in various businesses and geographies around the world.”

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