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COMMENTARY: Oil, the environment and climate change – By David Jessop


It is not often that well-resourced and politically powerful companies such as ExxonMobil and Shell suffer historic defeats. However, last month, in different ways, both oil majors saw activist shareholders and environmentalists cause them and the international energy sector, to have to think hard about what the future holds for hydrocarbons.

On May 26, a small hedge fund, Engine No 1, which held a 0.02% shareholding in Exxon worth about US$50mn, led a powerful dissident shareholder group to propose the election to the main board of the oil giant, four alternative nominees. Two with proven track records in creating significant earnings for energy companies and strong environmental credentials, were elected immediately, and a third was confirmed to its board a short while later.      Continue reading

GUYANA: BAUXITE: RUSAL – A Poisoned chalice? – Commentary

Stabroek News


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COVID-19: Vaccinated Canadians overseas frustrated that they were left out of new entry rules

Calgary-native Katie Gibson — pictured at an Abu Dhabi beach with her husband, Ben, and three-year-old twins, Nash and Brooklyn, — felt it was important to take the first COVID-19 vaccine available to her in the United Arab Emirates. She was dismayed to learn Ottawa may still require her to quarantine for 14 days if she enters Canada even if it lifts that restriction for those who have vaccines approved by Health Canada. (Katie Gibson)
When the Chinese-made Sinopharm vaccine was offered to Katie Gibson in Abu Dhabi, there was no doubt in her mind she should take it.        Continue reading

BUSINESS: Amazon embraces hybrid work in post-pandemic

‘We recognize this is an unprecedented time’

BY Emily Douglas – 14 Jun 2021 – Human Resources Director -HRD

Amazon is adopting a hybrid approach to work post-pandemic, allowing employees to choose between a mix of in-office and remote work. According to an internal memo, seen by HRD, the retail giant dictates that employees should be in the office for at least three days a week with the flexibility of remote work for up to two days.

Corporate employees will have the choice to work up to four weeks per year fully remote from a domestic location. Other roles which were mainly remote pre-pandemic will remain so – such as sales and customer service.        Continue reading

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