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GUYANA: Extraordinary People – Frank Thomasson – By Ian McDonald


It happens. It is life. Great contributions are made. Years go by and they are forgotten and those who made them are forgotten too. But perhaps theatre veterans in Guyana and the Guyana diaspora will still remember Frank Thomasson who died years ago at the age of eighty-eight. He in England, land of his birth, but I dare say his heart was left in Guyana where he lived and worked when he was young long, long ago. I recall so vividly my old friend Frank.

Sixty years ago I met Frank Thomasson in Georgetown and he became my dear friend and though after he left Guyana we lived in different lands we never lost touch and we were as close as brothers. When he grew very old and no longer knew anyone I sent messages through his wife Aileen to say hello and give him a died tight hug from me because I felt somewhere deep in my friend there might remain a spark that let him remember me as I will always remember him.      Continue reading

RACISM: ‘Black people have an extra hurdle to jump’: Book by ex-cricketer Michael Holding

The former West Indies fast bowler has written a book about his experiences of encountering racial prejudice, with contributions from famous names such as Usain Bolt and Naomi Osaka

Michael Holding

Michael Holding:

Sat 12 Jun 2021  – THE GUARDIAN
In his playing days in the 1970s and 1980s, the West Indian cricketer Michael Holding didn’t speak out against racism, although he saw it all around him. “I chose not to confront it because I was being selfish,” he says. “You saw what happened to athletes when they tried to speak up. Their careers came to an end.”             READ MORE:
Also view:   RACISM: West Indies cricket legend Michael Holding discussing racism in the UK – VIDEOS

POLITICS: The Disturbing New Hybrid of Democracy and Autocracy – Opinion

In Poland and elsewhere, rulers — and the oligarchs who help them — have figured out how to create a one-party state without the hassle of staging a coup. 

  By Anne Applebaum | The Atlantic

In 2015, Daniel Obajtek was the county commissioner of Pcim, a tiny district south of Kraków and north of the Polish-Slovak border. “County commissioner” is perhaps a grand-sounding title, but I can’t find a better one. In Polish, the term for the job he held is wójt, an old-fashioned word that means something like “village headman”. It signifies that you run something very small. Pcim, population 4,900, is very small.            Continue reading

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