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USA: The Average Age Of An Empire? A Mere 250 Years – By Georgie Anne Geyer | The Times-Standard

By Georgie Anne Geyer | The Times-Standard  –  [Essay published in 2018] 

WASHINGTON:  As the Fourth of July approaches, the idea that democracy is the highest political calling of mankind once again hangs poignantly in the philosophical air. 

We fret over problems here at home. We shake our heads over warring political parties, our vulgarized public culture and a billionaire class that thinks it should inherit the country all by its rich little 1 percent self.

But when we look at America’s foreign policy since World War II we should be most soberly gripped by a contradiction in thinking that could be leading us disastrously into the last hours of empire.             Continue reading

MUSIC: Song: Hooper and Chanderpaul – By Dave Martins + Music Video


“What’s your favourite Tradewinds song, and which one you feel has had the strongest reaction?” I’ve been asked that several times.  On the first question, it depends on when you ask me; some days it’s Is We Own; some days it’s Angel Wings; some days it’s Copycats. On the second question, I suspect Not A Blade O’ Grass would be the answer.

It’s interesting though that only one interviewer – a very astute Guyanese lady – has ever asked me the parallel question: “Which song do you feel had the weakest response?”  The answer to that one, hands down, is Hooper and Chanderpaul, and therewith, as they say, hangs a tale.   
.   Continue reading

ENERGY: Which Countries Have the World’s Largest Proven Oil Reserves?


Visual Capitalist.com

The world holds 1.73 trillion barrels of proven oil reserves.

Here we rank the top 14 countries that hold up to 93.5% of the world’s potential oil supply.

Venezuela 17.8% and Iran 9.0% account for almost 27% of total reserves. Both are under US sanctions.

View the Chart

The Countries With the Largest Proven Oil Reserves

Oil is a natural resource formed by the decay of organic matter over millions of years, and like many other natural resources, it can only be extracted from reserves where it already exists. The only difference between oil and every other natural resource is that oil is well and truly the lifeblood of the global economy.        Continue reading

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