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New York City: Little Guyana / Liberty Avenue  Co-naming Ceremony – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

PHOTOS  and Article- Little Guyana / Liberty Avenue  Co-naming Ceremony By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

‘If you want the job done, hire a Guyanese,’ says NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio at Co-Naming Ceremony             Continue reading

BUSINESS: Five trends fueling one of the hottest housing markets in US history


  • The housing market is on fire, with a supply shortage driving prices to record highs.
  • But alternative signals show the market isn’t just tight, it’s changing in much more fundamental ways.
  • Here are the five structural shifts that are fueling the red-hot US housing market.

The housing market is on fire.               

What began as a pickup in demand early in the pandemic has evolved into an all-out buying spree. Sales of new and previously owned homes, while off their peaks, remain elevated. Construction has picked up somewhat, but contractors are struggling to shore up supply. With inventory sitting near record lows, price growth has accelerated to rival the 2000s housing bubble.          Continue reading

U.S.A: New breed of prosecutors embracing policies to end systemic injustice — By Mohamed Hamaludin

Some 2.2 million Americans are locked up in 6,849 prisons and jails, representing 21 percent of the world’s prisoners in a country with five percent of the world’s population.

For African Americans, the rate is more than five times that for European Americans; for African American women, twice the rate for European American women; their children are 32 percent of those arrested, 42 percent of those detained and 52 percent of those tried in criminal court.

The federal government and 27 states, including Florida, confine 128,063 of those inmates in private prisons run mainly by Core Civic and GEO Group. Those companies have said their goal is to make money.          Continue reading

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