GUYOIL – A Case Study of Corruption in Governance in Guyana – Editorial – Kaieteur News

April 27, 2021 – Kaieteur News – GUYOIL stands as a prime example of how governance, at many levels, functions in Guyana today. GUYOIL could serve as the perfect picture of a rare behind the scenes look at how men entrusted with responsibility conduct themselves.

They conduct themselves in this manner, because it is understood all around that they have been given a mandate, in the fullness of powerful carte blanches, to make a killing while living a deep dark lie. Indeed, it could be confidently and convincingly said that GUYOIL is so much more than any one lie, but an expression of so many countless other deplorable and damnable lies.   

In all of this, what has allegedly occurred at GUYOIL furnishes the context and long degrading trail of what could be a genuine case study of the plagues that bewitch Guyana that bedevils the hopes of all of its diverse band of hopeful peoples. They hope in vain, other than for a crumb here and a charitable drop over there, which comes in well-rationed trickles. Keeps them from overreacting and keeps them so contented that they cannot even summon the energy to bark in growling defiance, to rail up and rage and last to rush forward with uncontrollable anger in their hearts.

GUYOIL is a case study in leadership cunning; the PPP’s leadership lack of any iota of integrity. It is more than a case study of corporate mismanagement and corporate malpractices (all allegedly, of course, at this early hour). This state agency is representative of many others and the character of the people put in charge, the criminal expectations instilled in them and the rich returns that they must produce as proof of their worth. In some sense, the expectations of PPP leadership, and as evidenced in their choices for state stewardship, confirm that they think and behave like regular sharpshooting, sky aiming investors, and their on the ground investment managers.

Just get the job done, and rake in the cash, and be assured that there will be the required smokescreen put in place. From the interferences called protection rackets run, be those through the police supposedly falling short, or the court system falling further apart. It is how the system is known to work, and is actually setup, if not guaranteed, to deliver.

The only things separating the visions and plans of PPP leaders and their operational commanders and foot soldiers here in Guyana from those who make a living overseeing billions in foreign markets are best embodied in a small handful of simple words. They fall under such categories as principles and rules and accountability (real accountability and not because some hollow leader makes good use of them). And to those must be added something called concern for personal reputation and a steadfast commitment to personal honour, in playing by the rules.

We do not have much of a speck of that here in Guyana, where the governance of the state’s assets and the state’s business is concerned. In fact, any rules we have are on paper and apply nowhere else; while personal principles are but abstraction and all but meaningless.

Instead, what we have is GUYOIL and the many smaller and larger versions of agencies that look and smell and live like GUYOIL. It is why we at this paper must rather regrettably memorialise a few positions for our fellow citizens to absorb. We do so in the hope that they may be able to digest wrongdoing, maybe even appreciate things like we do.

GUYOIL is more than a case study of things in Guyana. GUYOIL is a microcosm of what Guyana is really all about and all the way down to its nasty, dirty, ugly, public soul. GUYOIL is a microcosm that is a monstrosity. For it is not a standalone, or an outlier, or one of those rare developments called Black Swan events. GUYOIL is the Guyanese norm and the norm is riddled through and through with what condemns the anticipating peoples of this society to a state of perpetual impoverishment and as accompanied by its closest cousin, which we know all too well as the anarchy of immovable racial animosity.

GUYOIL is all at once that unchallengeable microcosm that is also a case study and the ugliest of monstrosities. GUYOIL is Guyana’s dirty laundry that is now fully ventilated before the world, as to how business is handled in this country. The code words used, the careful and concerted attempts at covering tracks that are practiced and the appalling greed of those who, from top to bottom, talk a good game about good governance and good leadership and doing good for the people. All they do is good for themselves only.

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  • the only  On 04/30/2021 at 8:43 pm

    This guy will say all kind of B S to sell his paper.

  • Dennis Albert  On 05/01/2021 at 5:04 pm

    Inflating project costs and “tekking nuff money” is typical of every government in the world.

    Trump used his Presidential status to benefit his businesses, the Canadian politicians were involved in billion-Canadian dollar scandals, the British politicians turn a blind eye on money laundering in the real estate markets, ironically the ACCA is the HQ of the global accounting professional.

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