This is Guyana – Georgetown | UltraHD Drone RAW Footage | Video

This is Guyana – Georgetown | UltraHD Drone RAW Footage | Video

Raw footage from GUYANA at the Capital City Georgetown | 2020 |
by One Man Wolf Pack UltraHD Drone Footage. Stock Videos from South America on Sale!

Guyana Drone Flight: Guyana, a country on South Americas North Atlantic coast, is defined by its dense rainforest. English-speaking, with cricket and calypso music, its culturally connected to the Caribbean region. Its capital, Georgetown, is known for British colonial architecture, including tall, painted-timber St. Georges Anglican Cathedral. A large clock marks the facade of Stabroek Market, a source of local produce. In the countrys heartland is Kaieteur Falls, with a straight 226m plunge. 

On the Essequibo River to the east is Iwokrama River Lodge and Research Centre, an ecotourism destination offering a canopy walkway through rainforest. It also has Essequibo River petroglyphs and wildlife trails up Turtle Mountain with local Makushi guides. To the west is Mount Roraima, a flat-topped mountain whose sheer walls rise strikingly from the surrounding jungle. In the south is the Rupununi, an area of savanna, wetlands and elusive jaguars. On the northwest coast, Shell Beach is a nesting site for several turtle species. //

Georgetown is Guyanas capital, on South Americas North Atlantic coast. The city is culturally connected to the English-speaking Caribbean region and home to British colonial architecture, including the tall, Gothic-style St. Georges Anglican Cathedral. A clock tower rises above Stabroek Market, popular for local goods. The Guyana National Museum traces the countrys history, while the Bourda hosts cricket matches. The Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology has artifacts from indigenous Amerindian tribes. Close by are the State House, where the president lives, and the National Library of Guyana, originally funded by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.

Just south are the neo-Gothic City Hall and the stately Parliament Building. The sprawling, tropical plant–filled Botanical Gardens to the east includes a zoo with many birds. Nearby, the National Gallery of Art is set within the grand, 19th-century Castellani House. Georgetown is also a jumping-off point for trips to Guyanas densely forested interior, where Kaieteur Falls features a wide, single drop.

🎥 Video [Internal ID 484] taken in between 2016 & 2020 and published in 2020

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