BOOK REVIEW: Kimani Nehusi’s A People’s Political History of Guyana, 1838-1964 – By: Eusi Kwayana

Kimani Nehusi’s A People’s Political History of Guyana, 1838-1964 – (Hansib, 2018)
Book Review by Eusi Kwayana

This is a rather late review of a significant work of Guyanese history by Dr. Kimani Nehusi which he titled A People’s Political History of Guyana, 1838-1964 and published in 2018. This delay is regreted. It is regreted especially because the reviewer has had a long acquaintance with the scholar’s efforts to identify moments of consciousness as they emerged and became perceptible among various classes of the colonized peoples of Guyana. This concern had engaged the scholar’s pursuits even while he was in undergraduate study at the University of Guyana and had begun to interview elders available to him across the society and make careful notes.       

Not a significant measure taken by this scholar, and perhaps not included in this volume, was his fascination with Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed, and activity and study coming out of neighboring Brazil. The undergraduate student Kimani Nehusi, then using his birth name of Francis Drakes and minoring in Portuguese language studies, in order to more fully appreciate the message of the “pedagogy” pursued further scholarship at the Center for Brazilian Studies in
Georgetown. This was a measure of thoroughness that informed his efforts even in his undergraduate days. This reviewer was made aware of the scholar’s concerns as he responded to numerous detailed questions about Guyana’s politics as it unfolded from the middle 1940s.

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