GUYANA: Planned Mahaica luxury development delayed by COVID

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The COVID-19 pandemic has delayed the construction of the Maraiko Bay luxury housing development project, according to principals of Construction and Investment Management Group (CIMGRO) Ragindra Persaud and Sudama Ramalingum.

Speaking to Stabroek News, both Persaud and Ramalingum explained that with some overseas borders being closed and travel bans in place, the engineering, architectural and other technical teams have been unable to be on site.  This, they pointed out, has contributed to the slowing down of works at the site.     

According to Ramalingum, some the engineers have also been unable to travel from the United Kingdom and Trinidad and Tobago.

“Part of the designing and engineering teams are from the UK and they cannot travel. A few others are from Trinidad and Tobago and they cannot travel either, so the progress is not where we had expect it to be. With countries now getting vaccines, we are hoping that they will be able to travel here soon,” Ramalingum explained.

The teams are expected to conduct their own independent assessment of the 1,000 plus acres oceanfront land and determine the best and most suitable way for construction.

Meanwhile, Persaud, who is a part of the Nand Persaud Group of Companies, related that despite the challenge with COVID-19, they are still in the land preparation phase and are tweaking components of the master plan.

He said the team remains optimistic that the pace of works will change before the end of the year and people will be able to witness actual work.

“The project is not at the speed at which it should be right now but it is still encouraging. Hopefully within the next three to four months we will witness some construction beginning,” he emphasised.

While noting that the project has been receiving buy-ins from both foreigners and locals, he stated that with COVID-19 still disrupting the daily lives of many, they have seen a dip in people making pledges or expressing their commitment.

Asked whether the investors are concerned, he said no. “We have the understanding that this project will take some time to develop. We understand that there is COVID-19 and things cannot go as we had projected. But we are certain that with more operations offshore on schedule to begin we will see a turnaround in interest.”

The project is aimed at construction of 2,200 single homes and 800 condominium-style homes.

Persaud said they are prepared to work with Guyanese in the construction sector to realise their vision of the community. The venture is pegged at US$1.4 billion.

The housing development is located along two miles of beach on the Atlantic Ocean and bordered by the Mahaica River.

It was noted that a golf course will be designed under the hands of golf course designer David Hemstock, member of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects and will offer magnificent vistas of waterways, canals, and challenging Atlantic Ocean finishing holes.

“The luxurious estate homes of Maraiko Bay Golf and Country Club will be set amidst the backdrop of a spectacular Hemstock Signature golf course and is designed to be an up-scale community of tree lined streets, fine homes and modern amenities, just a short drive from the heart of the historic capital city of Georgetown via the newly renovated highway or using the conveniently located on-site heliport,” the developers said upon the announcement of the project last year.

Additionally, ex-Ryder Cup Captain Mark James is scheduled to establish his National Golf Academy there.

The developers had said that  sea defence and environmental protection, will be overseen by Earth and Marine Environmental Consultants, one of the world’s most reputable companies in modeling sea defence, ocean rise and environmental impacts.

Persaud had stated too that a Memorandum of Understanding had already been signed with the Petroleum Club, headed by John Moore, Chairman of Agraria Inc. for a 75-unit luxury housing complex including a clubhouse, restaurant and leisure facilities. In addition, Phase 1 would encompass 150 condos, 200 luxury homes and 50 executive homes, a commercial centre and other amenities all set for completion within 14 months.
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  • brandli62  On 03/16/2021 at 4:51 am

    I wonder whether this project will ever be executed….
    Who owns the land that would accommodate the project?

  • wally n  On 03/16/2021 at 12:55 pm

    I hope that the Guyanese people don’t end up paying for this. Selling nice photographs for millions, worked successfully many times. Jury is out.

  • Dennis Albert  On 03/19/2021 at 7:25 am

    US$250,000 for a condo. Who can afford that on a typical Trinidadian or Guyanese salary unless they are Pradoville?

    • brandli62  On 03/19/2021 at 7:42 am

      I assume that the condos are targeted at the US expats working in the oil industry, who else would be playing golf in Guyana?

      • Dennis Albert  On 03/20/2021 at 5:28 pm

        Interesting given that land prices in the warmer states of America are similar or cheaper than the advertised US$250,000 for a shoebox in the sky.

        The villagers would demand the project to close if the African and African-American investors start living in a PPP stronghold. This is the PPP state of mind.

    • Brother Man  On 03/19/2021 at 7:45 am

      Trevor – dat needle is stuck! Get off de couch! Or ask Winston or Porgy to do it – in de mean time ah covering me ears.

      Brother Man

      • Dennis Albert  On 03/20/2021 at 5:29 pm

        The bribe money from the PPP got you writing troll comments or what?

  • brandli62  On 03/19/2021 at 7:49 am

    “Golf is little known in Guyana, though there is in fact a single course. Located in the small town of Lusignan, 10 miles outside the capital of Georgetown, Lusignan Golf Club has a 9-hole layout that can be played as a par 70 course. “

    “Sport, especially cricket and football, features prominently in the lives of the locals but with only one 9-hole golf course in play at Lusignan, it’s hard to see another youngster from this part of South America breaking through to emulate the recent feats of Columbian Camillo Villegas.”

  • wally n  On 03/19/2021 at 12:37 pm

    I hate GOLF for many reasons, my business partner (ex) was one of Ontario’s best amateurs, you will be amazed how much he made gambling, so I hate Golf because it reminds me of that jackass.
    I went off a lil bit, I was going to mention that I grew up with someone who was the only Guyanese at that time, came to Canada as a golf pro. He spent his youth on the Golf course in Watooka, then became the club Pro.
    I am willing to bet. if access is inexpensive, Golf will become very popular, and a few good players will become international stars, that is what Guyanese do.

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