GUYANA: Capitol News – 10 Video Reports – March 10-11. 2021

Capitol News. Georgetown. Guyana, – 10 Video Reports

Grade 6 assessment is set for August.   – Posted: 11 Mar 2021 02:31 PM PST
Sports (11th March, 2021). – Posted: 11 Mar 2021 02:08 PM PST
Today is World Kidney Day and Guyanese are urged to watch their diets. – Posted: 11 Mar 2021 02:04 PM PST
Today marks one year since Guyana recorded its first COVID-19 case and death. – Posted: 11 Mar 2021 01:58 PM PST
City Hall continues to plead with business owners to pay their correct rates and taxes. – Posted: 11 Mar 2021 01:57 PM PST    

New Building Society mortgage ceiling increased to $15,000 from $12,000. – Posted: 11 Mar 2021 01:22 PM PST
Former Head of Lands and Survey Commission Trevor Benn is still in police custody. – Posted: 11 Mar 2021 12:54 PM PST
Police Chaplain reappointed, hours after his appointment was revoked and his replacement named. – Posted: 11 Mar 2021 10:37 AM PST
The Canadian High Commission hosted a panel discussion in observance of Women’s history month. – Posted: 10 Mar 2021 02:23 PM PST
School drop outs and teenage pregnancy are among the challenges of the prolonged closure of school. – Posted: 10 Mar 2021 02:21 PM PST
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