OPINION: Losing way; Monday’s parliament and intensifying depravities – The GHK Lall Column

   Feb 28, 2021- Kaieteur News –  The GHK Lall Column

It was a dark and dirty week.
A fifth member of the AFC resigned from party membership, because the thinking was the group has “lost its way.” No member has said the same thing publicly, as yet, about the PNC, but I have heard the same thing also uttered quietly that the PNC has lost its way, too.

From my perspective, the new PPP government, given its leadership deceptions and membership corruptions, is yet another example of a major group that has also lost its way.       

As I gather the pieces together, it is obvious that a great many people have lost their way, which is disturbing for governance in this country, for merely living here.

My thinking is if this many have lost their way, then who has not? What is the way they are traveling now? What way is left for the rest of us? And who is there that remain among us, that don’t want to go the regular old way? The way that leads to losing sight, footstep, vision, direction, in the end, morality and sanity?

I have no answer. I trust in forces bigger than me in this one thing: whatever way it was that thrilled them and consumed them (PPP/C, PNC, AFC, and newcomer and old-timer), and made them all stumble, lose senses and residual honour, then let me not travel that lost path, please.

To indicate how much we have lost our way in this society, there was the unimaginable in Guyana last week. Disturbing is not the word, disgusting falls short, feels flat; there was the absolutely abominable. Is there no limit, nothing sacred, no time and place revered here anymore? There is not!

And that was how what took place in parliament during the national budget debate sounded, read, looked, and can be thought of, however examined. This is the product of our democracy. This is the pinnacle of the perversities and profanities of the people we call parliamentarians. How well this society is blessed! How wonderfully the assorted closet (not fully accurate) wastrels, vagabonds, racists, and secret perverts serve this country!

The opening salvos have laid the table of what Guyanese can expect outside of parliament for coexistence in this land. There were the verbal presentations, the body language, the sexual gestures, which all spoke of the way that issues and opponents are thought of deep down, discussed fluently in the tribal encampments, and then plastered all over the public’s consciousness.

Undoubtedly, the actions were but expressions of how Guyanese think of each other to the greatest extent from within the prisons of the political and racial divides. I am of the position that it is only an indication of the surface, the beginning. This is a tragedy-stirring, one waiting to happen. It cannot and will not stay contained forever.

The dark and disturbing continued with more depravities in the regular world of Guyana, following those that came compliments of our beloved partisans in parliament. A farmer was discovered “completely disfigured” in Mahaicony on Monday. It does not require much imagination to appreciate what “completely disfigured” means. We had a recent start last year with Cotton Tree. Then, there was another in Belle West, who murdered his apartment-sharing friend for sleeping with his wife, and then dumped his body in a septic tank, of all temporary resting places. Last, there was the setting alight of a citizen in the vicinity of a Supermarket in Enmore, who subsequently died.

Part of the point in drawing attention to these three murderous incidents is the level of depravity to which some in this society have sunk. The soul-satisfying surge that comes from killing is not enough; there has to be desecration, either through what is inflicted on bodies, or in the manner of disposal. There is a dark grimness about these that brings shivering. It exists in parliament. It lives in society. Only the ugliest, vileness soothes and satisfies.

(The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Kaieteur News newspaper.)

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