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OPINION: Reimagining the Caribbean Diaspora: diversity, equity and inclusion – by Lear Matthews

 by Lear Matthews

 This article focusses on the English speaking Caribbean Diaspora’s experience within the context of diversity, equity and inclusion in the aftermath of recent societal unrest and institutional realignment in the United States. Informed by a concern for social justice and cross-cultural dynamics, this writer unpacks how this population has been affected by the burden of racism and xenophobia. It highlights a continuation of courageous conversations on the topic (See Guyanese Online: February 20-21, 2021).             Continue reading

GUYANA: Dis country here, ah telling you flat, ah didn’t come back fuh dat – By Dave Martins



1.People see me living here again, and some have said to my face

“You had a chance to stay outside bro, what bring you back to this place?”

Sometimes I just don’t take on the gyaff, I smile and I walk away

But if I’m feeling good and the sun shining bright, I will stop and politely say

“Wedding curry wid two pulouri.   Buddy Bo, Ah come back fuh dat
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