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Opinion: Fetishizing of the Black mixed child – By Akola Thompson

Mulatto, dougla, buffiana, blasian – there are many words that are used to describe the Black mixed child. It was not so long ago when social orders stood firmly against miscegenation that these children would be considered persona non grata. Today, the mixed Black child is portrayed as a mythical creature with powers to cure racial disharmony.

We all know the popular calls to douglarize the nation or make mixed babies to end racism today. Chances are that you’ve been one of those sounding the trumpet for mixed relationships as you see them as being revolutionarily necessary in times of such unease. Coming out of a history of illegality and rejection, the push for the Black mixed child is steadily increasing.          Continue reading

GUYANA: Medical: First COVID-19 Vaccines administered to Health Workers – video


HGPTV (Channel16 Cable67) A few weeks short of a year since the COVID-19 outbreak in Guyana, a local Pharmacist at the Georgetown Public Hospital became the first healthcare provider and Guyanese to be vaccinated against the potentially deadly disease. Here are the details from Timeka Rodney.

US Politics: BIDEN WILL LIE TO YOU; All presidents do. – By Adam Serwer | The Atlantic

Joe Biden

 Adam Serwer | The Atlantic

ALL PRESIDENTS LIE. Even so, the Trump administration weaponized dishonesty to a remarkable degree. 

Donald Trump did not merely lie to exaggerate his accomplishments, or smear his opponents. For Trump and the Republican Party, lies were a loyalty test. To reject Trump’s lies or exaggerations, even if they contradicted prior assertions by the now-ex-president, was to express disloyalty, the only Trump-era sin that was unforgivable by his faithful. This allowed the president to fashion, for his supporters, alternate realities whose tenets could not be questioned, such as his false allegations of voter fraud.          Continue reading

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