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BOOK: My Lockdown Life Story Poems: Tales out of school from a Windrush generation teacher -by Barbara Roymacauley

Kindle and Paperback Editions -by Barbara Roymacauley (Author)

This poetry collection is a quick sprint through my key childhood and adolescent memories including my arrival in London from Jamaica with my mother . Reflecting also experiences of living going to school in East London, there are some portraits of schooling and parenting back in theday-50s -60s.I left school and went to a Leicester University college in the 1970s after which I have mostly been a London Teacher.  Continue reading

TOURISM: MUST READ! Is Guyana Safe to Visit in 2021? – By Mathilde: – thebrokebackpacker.com

Kaieteur Falls

– By Mathilde: – thebrokebackpacker.com

In fact, Guyana boasts one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world and, unlike many of its neighbours, over 70% of its natural environment remains intact. For anybody looking for a fresh, off the beaten track place to explore, Guyana is basically a paradise.

However, it isn’t always what we’d call “paradise”. Safety issues in urban and rural areas, as well natural threats like the weather and insect-borne diseases, can make it a risky place to explore – especially if you’re not used to that sort of environment.            Continue reading

Commentary Is National Unity In The US An Unattainable Fantasy – By Yvonne Sam

By Yvonne Sam – Contributing Columnist

In America, as the call for national “unity” from people in the media and political classes gets louder, a stronger sense of displacement appears. Taking into consideration events, such as protests, an impeached ex-president, business closures, government-ordered quarantine, lock-downs and riots, national unity is an inexecutable illusion.

Americans were told by the so-called “unifiers” that all Trump had to do to unify the country was to go quietly into that good night, and that all Joe R. Biden has to do to help unify the country, is to make nice with Trump voters, and, above all, be the liberal/moderate that he has displayed in public, during his four decades of government service. What an oxymoron.      Continue reading

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