ECONOMY: 2021 Top 10 Financial Predictions – By Neil McCoy- Ward – VIDEO

ECONOMY: 2021 Top 10 Financial Predictions – By Neil McCoy- Ward – Premiered Feb 6, 2021 

1. The Economy: We will continue to see negative growth this year, measured against the real production of goods and services in the economy. If we take away the Government & Central bank fake GDP (which is not creating any value in the economy).
2. Unemployment: Will rise again this year once Governments stop the current unemployment benefits. There are a number of labour shortages currently because a number of people have been disincentivized from returning to work as they earning more money by not working than they would be by working.
3. AI & Robotics: The sector will continue to move towards greater adoption of AI artificial intelligence and robotics in order to replace people and jobs. As an example, supermarkets will continue to move heavily towards self-service kiosks (meaning more jobs will be lost to technology). The United Kingdom has already adapted mass self-service kiosks, where I have personally been into smaller grocery stores run by only two members of staff.
4. Business Collapses: Following on from the mass adoption of self-service kiosks and job losses as a result… I predict more small to medium sized businesses will collapse this year adding to the millions of small businesses that already collapsed around the World in 2020. The business collapses will be in direct correlation with how severe the lockdowns were in that particular area.
5. Stock Market: The stock market will continue to post gains in 2021 fuelled only by stimulus at this point having now been disconnected from the real economy. Once the stimulus finally ends, the stock market could suffer one of the worst crashes ever seen since the Great Depression.
6. Housing Market: The housing market will see a decrease in prices in 2021 in certain Western Countries. The UK market will be one of the first to see a downward correction. The USA market by comparison will see some areas decreasing later in the year, but will have an overall growth in 2021 despite some rough patches and declines in some major cities such as New York.
7. Poverty: More and more people will fall into poverty around the world this year. This does not just include developing nations where we saw an additional 150 million people fall into poverty in 2020. But this also includes developed Nations such as the USA which saw an additional 8 million people fall into poverty in 2020. Millions of people are falling behind on paying even the most basic of monthly costs such as energy bills.
8. Cashless Society: The Banks have made it perfectly clear that they want to see the world move closer towards a cashless society. Although we certainly won’t see cash disappear anytime soon, we will see more and more restrictions placed upon cash or the withdrawing of cash at banks. We will also see more ATMs continue to close and be void of cash more frequently.
9. Negative interest rates: Some banks will turn their interest rates negative and as a result, some commercial banks will collapse, possibly bailing in some of their savers money in certain countries such as we saw in Greece & Cyprus in recent years. Many of the largest commercial Banks have gone on record to state that they would collapse under negative interest rates.
10. Cryptocurrency: The cryptocurrency market will continue to grow due to more adoption of the de-fi movement which is the decentralised finance movement. I believe that the market cap of cryptocurrency will continue to grow in 2021 from the 1 trillion-dollar market cap it sits at currently. This market cap already doubled from 500 Billion dollars just a couple of months ago. We will also see more regulation in this area by Governments & Central Banks who are concerned about losing control of the financial system.
00:00: INTRO 00:14: The Economy 01:43:, Unemployment 03:44: AI & Robotics 06:08: Business Collapses 07:02: Stock Market 08:12: Housing Market 09:46: Poverty 10:58: Cashless Society 12:01: Negative interest rates 13:21: Cryptocurrency/De-Fi 14:34:
BONUS! DISCLAIMER This video is for entertainment purposes ONLY & designed to help your thinking, not direct it. These videos shall NOT be construed as tax, legal or financial advice and may be outdated or inaccurate; all decisions made as a result of viewing are yours alone.
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  • kamtanblog  On 02/09/2021 at 2:13 am

    Interesting forecasting but very speculative crystal ball gazing !
    The end is not “niegh”
    The end is “reset”
    Survival of the most diverse/adaptable of the species.
    Sorry too speculative/far fetched for my creative imagination.
    Will ignore not adjust my systems management.

    Next BS please !

    Kamtan uk-ex-EU

  • kamtanblog  On 02/09/2021 at 2:33 am

    Disclaimer does not exempt its misgivings or speculative projections.
    In fact it can have exactly the opposite effect.
    The power of social media negativity !

    In my opinion


  • brandli62  On 02/09/2021 at 5:05 am

    These predictions all depend on how fast we can overcome the pandemic. At present, it seems that it will keep us busy for much longer than anticipated….

    • kamtanblog  On 02/09/2021 at 5:32 am

      Beg to differ
      Pandemics will come and go over next decades …,decisions made today will affect
      Guyana for decades in their future.
      The political jackssses elected must get it right
      first time…no room for error.
      Get it wrong …deselected !
      Hopefully replaced with some political
      race horses.
      My take
      Not holding my breadth !

      How many years they have to “screw up”
      4 or 5 ? Is long time in politricks !

      Que sera sera


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