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GUYANA: Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “GUYANA OUR OWN” Video + President Ali’s Address re Venezuela

GUYANA: Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “GUYANA OUR OWN” Video

Address to the Nation by President Ali – 30 January 2021 on the aggressive stance by Venezuela

Aerial Guyana Video – By Veteran Guyanese Helicopter Pilot Mike Charles

Sounds and Colours of the Rainforest

“Veteran Guyanese Helicopter Pilot Mike Charles has been flying over the Jungles of Guyana for more than three decades. He is once again sharing parts of his journeys across beautiful Guyana with the world.”

“This production shows a unique collection of flora and fauna from our 18.5 million hectares of intact rainforest and more. The Government of Guyana has endorsed his work as an Avid Aviator and an Artist.”     (See Introductory Video below)       

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Book Review: The Life and Works of Bill (Bhagee) Rogers and the Origin of Shanto Music in Guyana + Videos

The cover of the Bill Rogers autobiography
The cover of the Bill Rogers autobiography

Bill Rogers is still a household name here so many decades after he was active in show business, musical recordings and popular entertainment in Guyana, the Caribbean, the USA and the UK. This speaks very eloquently to the impact and immortality of his songs, which are still played on the public airwaves. They are still remembered and even mouthed by many, some of whom were not even born yet when Rogers was performing. He remains a legend in Guyanese culture.

Dave Martins’ “Not A Blade of Grass” is the Guyanese nation’s unofficial second national anthem. If we assert that Rogers’ “West Indian Weed Woman” or “The Weed Song” is not far behind in that category, it confirms that either of these songs is not only the work of a genius, but has earned its place in history and possesses the quality that make it stand out memorably above other popular songs that are characteristically ephemeral. ( See Music videos below)              Continue reading
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