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GUYANA: Will Venezuela Go To War Over Oil? – By Viktor Katona for Oilprice.com 

By Viktor Katona for Oilprice.com 

Jan 25, 2021 (Baystreet.ca via COMTEX) — January 2021 is still far from over, yet the pages of Oilprice already boast 6 articles about Guyana being the hottest drilling spot in the world.

This is hardly surprising, considering the hot streak that ExxonMobil had over the past 5 years, with new companies coming in and stepping up the drilling game. The interest globally attributed to Guyana has aggravated Venezuela’s long-standing grievances over the disputed Essequibo province – before 2015 the Venezuela vs Guyana oil standoff was akin to a David vs Goliath story but now, with Guyana building up its oil reserves tally and continuing to attract new investors, the balance has become a lot more nuanced.      Continue reading

MUSIC DOLDRUMS – By Dave Martins + Soca 2021 Video by Machel Montano

Stabroek News – By Dave Martins- January 17, 2021    

In the midst of all the continuing malaise triggered by the COVID pandemic here, one of the lesser noted consequences is the effect on the music industry.  Going in, one has to note that well prior to the epidemic, there has been a decline here, as well as in the Caribbean generally, for those whose income derives from the playing or selling of music in its various forms.

Overall, the music forms indigenous to us – soca, reggae, cadence, calypso, etc. –  have been hit hard in the past few decades both in the number of outlets selling that material on CDs and tapes, as well as in the significant decline of bands playing live in our various hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.        Continue reading

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