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U.S. has no intention of setting up any military base in Guyana – U.S Admiral

Navy Admiral Craig S. Faller.

Jan 13, 2021 – – Kaieteur  News – During a press conference yesterday, Commander of the U.S. Southern Command, Navy Admiral Craig S. Faller, stated that the United States of America (USA) has no intention on setting up any military bases in Guyana.

This comment was made after the signing of the Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement, between Guyana and the USA. The event was held at the Baridi Benab, at the State House, Carmichael Street, Georgetown.  (See article below)           Continue reading

Opinion: Old Year’s Night Celebrations and Auld Lang Syne music – By Dave Martins

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Like most people in their growing up years, I discovered early the influence music can have in our lives, ranging from birthday parties to wedding receptions to special days in the year, and in celebrations big and small in venues ranging from simple to elaborate. Also in my 50-plus years as a musician, I have seen that influence being played out in a range of occasions in a range of countries, with joy and exhilaration so frequently the result.

Along the way, however, I must confess that the singular exception to that euphoria for me has been the Auld Lang Syne music that is a fixture in New Year’s Eve celebrations in most countries. From the first time I heard it as a young man in West Dem, that particular piece of music struck me as an odd choice because there is a definite message of sadness, I would even say regret, conveyed by the music; it makes us tearful.            Continue reading

Arnold Schwarzenegger calls Trump ‘worst president’ ever, after Capitol riot | ABC7

Arnold Schwarzenegger calls Trump ‘worst president’ ever, ‘failed leader’ after Capitol riot | ABC7

January 11, 2021 – In a seven-minute video calling for unity following Wednesday’s siege at the US Capitol, former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said President Donald Trump will be remembered as the worst President in US history and urged Americans to offer their support to President-elect Joe Biden.

BUSINESS: Visualizing The Top 50 Most Valuable Global Brands – Visual Capitalist

Visualizing the Top 50 Most Valuable Global Brands

For many brands, it has been a devastating year to say the least.

Over half of the most valuable global brands have experienced a decline in brand value, a measure that takes financial projections, brand roles in purchase decisions, and strengths against competitors into consideration. But where some have faltered, others have asserted their dominance and stepped up for their customers like never before.        Continue reading

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