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OPINION: National potential with less talking and more delivering – By GHK Lall

— no harrowing road accidents or domestic deaths

Kaieteur News – I am encouraged as I read of the many expectations of my fellow Guyanese for 2021. Because the editorials, letter columns, even a newspaper article or two, all had much to say about the many things that happened last year – a very troubling one, at times – there is little that I want to add to the cascade.

Since it was a demanding 2020 for me, the less shared about that ill-fated year, the better I can look ahead. The New Year has all the potential to be a different kind of year, one never seen or experienced here before.      Continue reading

US POLITICS: Twitter bans President Trump permanently

Trump at Georgia address

GUYANA: Venezuelan Maduro vows to “reconquer” Essequibo; makes new presidential decree

Venezuela- President Nicolas Maduro

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