MEDICAL: The 7 types of rest that every person needs – By Saundra Dalton-Smith MD – TED TALKS

WE HUMANSJan 6, 2021 

Have you ever tried to fix an ongoing lack of energy by getting more sleep — only to do so and still feel exhausted? 

If that’s you, here’s the secret: Sleep and rest are not the same thing, although many of us incorrectly confuse the two.

We go through life thinking we’ve rested because we have gotten enough sleep — but in reality we are missing out on the other types of rest we desperately need. The result is a culture of high-achieving, high-producing, chronically tired and chronically burned-out individuals. We’re suffering from a rest deficit because we don’t understand the true power of rest.         

Rest should equal restoration in seven key areas of your life.

The first type of rest we need is physical rest, which can be passive or active. Passive physical rest includes sleeping and napping, while active physical rest means restorative activities such as yoga, stretching and massage therapy that help improve the body’s circulation and flexibility.




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  • kamtanblog  On 01/08/2021 at 5:13 am

    Nice one
    Have a smart watch which I can programme to measure my sleep….my iPhone has its app which I set the start/stop period of sleep I wish to monitor. Next day I check my sleeping period. Time I was asleep, quality of sleep
    Deep/light/awake % …normally would have to overnight in hospital to measure this.
    My smart measures many other health matters
    Like heart rates blood pressure temperature steps taken etc
    To enjoy sleep one can mentally relax by focusing on sleep modus operandi …
    Which can be measured by a smart watch.
    Isn’t technology great !


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