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VIDEO: BUSINESS: The world’s Largest Exporters – View the changes from1970 to 2019

  • This is a very interesting video. 
  • It highlights the changing trade patterns over the last 50 years. See the rapid rise of China over the last 15 years.
  • China’s ascendancy as the MOST POWERFUL TRADING NATION has been a shock to the USA and European countries.
  • It will be interesting to see the statistics for 2000 and onwards as the COVID-19 Pandemic affects all nations.
  • Pause and examine the video carefully to see when the major changes occur.

OPINION: Living Without CITGO: Why Venezuela May Lose Its Crown Jewel

The decision of renewing the license that would save the company from falling into the hands of its creditors depends on one man. That man has his mind on other issues, and his name is Donald Trump

Pilar Navarro | Caracas Chronicles

On October, 16th, judge Katherine Polk Failla of the U.S. District Court Southern District Of New York, issued a decision declaring that the PDVSA 20 bond is legal, valid, and enforceable, which means holders can pursue recovery against the 50.1% of the CITGO Holding shares committed as collateral. This is an important step in the creditors’ long race to obtain the Venezuelan crown jewel: CITGO.          Continue reading

Linden Fund (LFU) Welcomes Cohort 3 in its Scholarship for Success Program

LFU Welcomes Cohort 3 in its Scholarship for Success Program

Earlier in December 2020, LFU welcomed its 3rd Cohort (2020-2021) of seven incoming students to its Scholarship for Success program, which was renamed in honor of our late founding member and longtime Board member, Eustace “Sammy” David in 2020.

The scholarship program, which began in the 2018-2019 school year, supports one deserving student, starting from Grade 7, from each of the seven secondary schools in Linden and Kwakwani for their five years in high school.

READ MORE: Cohort 3 – 2020-2021 SfS program COLLAGE

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