OPINION: My Favourite Photographs of 2020 – By Francis Quamina Farrier

Walking southward on the pavement of the Avenue of the Republic in Georgetown, I observed this English tourist taking a photograph of the statue of Queen Victoria which is in the forecourt of the High Court. That was a perfect scenario for me. Click, and this moment is forever frozen in time, which no doubt will please the hearts of members of the Guyana Tourism Authority. (Photo by Francis Q. Farrier)

Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast, Region #2. This photograph displays a blend of the past and the present; (a) a canal dug by enslaved Africans centuries ago and for which Reparation must be considered. (b) the chimney of a once grinding sugar factory when sugar was produced in Essequibo over a century ago. (c) The Regional Office at the left where the business of the People of Region 2, is discussed by elected officials in this the 21st. century. (Photo by Francis Q. Farrier)

This is my most unique “Favourite photograph” of 2020, simply because I am the subject. But how am I the subject when I am also the photographer? Simple; this is a Selfie! Since I am so proud and pleased at what I have been able to achieve in taking this photograph, at age 82 – wearing my Indigenous Australian t-shirt, and balancing myself between the portraits of Plaisance born celebrities Wayne “Big Truck” Braithwaite and Eddy Grant, as well as the two Golden Arrowheads, the nominating panel of ONE has selected this selfie/photograph to be included in the list of my Twelve Favourite photographs of 2020. (Photo by F.Q. Farrier)

It was sometime after I took this photograph that I observed the racial dynamics – African, Dougla and Indian. What is also obvious is how happy they are in each other’s company. This is a candid photograph and was not ‘set up’ with any public
relations objectives, whatsoever. And that is why it was a strong contender to be selected from the scores of photographs which I took in 2020, to be included in my “Twelve Favourites” of 2020. (Photo by F.Q. Farrier)

Prominently displayed on the backdrop is the statement “A BRIDGE TO THE FUTURE” which is being supported and in a way “constructed” by BANKS DIH LIMITED. The popular Guyanese Enterprise traditionally present cheques to a number of schools at the Annual Shareholders Meetings in Georgetown, Airy Hall, Bartica, Linden and New Amsterdam. In this photograph Chairman of BANKS DIH, Clifford Reis, CCH, is presenting a cheque to a student of one of the schools in Berbice on February 2, 2020. (Photo by Francis Q. Farrier)

Beyond the flowers, across Main Street, is the Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology in Georgetown, Guyana.  In this iconic wooden building, is a wide range of indigenous
artifacts for viewing, as well as items such as books and recordings for sale. A place for a visit. Some inspiration preceded the taking of this photograph. (Photo by F.Q. Farrier)

These are the Bell twin brothers – mini bus operators of Route 40, in Georgetown. They have been on this route for many years and I know them fairly well as one of their many satisfied customers. If you are looking for the very best in Mini Bus service, then just “ring the Bell Brothers”. My camera felt delighted in taking this photograph in February, in the Stabroek Market Route 40 Mini Bus Park. (Photo by F.Q. Farrier)

Travelling to Georgetown along the West Coast Berbice Public Road, this lit-up arch loomed in the distance giving me enough time to prepare to photograph the sight. It
was not too difficult for me to take this photograph, seated in the front passenger seat, as the vehicle was going at about 55mph. It made my “Favourite Twelve” particularly because it is, what I consider, the best of my night time photographs of the COVID-19 year, 2020. (Photo by F.Q. Farrier)

This young boy was standing transfixed before this portrait of the Guyanese-born international author of the Best-selling book, “To Sir, With Love” at the National Library in Georgetown. Thinking twice, I decided not to interrupt him, and instead went right ahead and took the photograph. Not usually my modus operandi in cases such as this. (Photo by Francis Q. Farrier)

Having been a fan of the international entertainer Englebert Humperdinck for over 50 years, and attending a live concert of his on February 13, it was a given that I would take a photograph of the now 84 year old on stage. Technically, it may not be the best photograph I’ve ever taken, but there are those times when the subject and event are paramount, and should be embraced. Fifty years ago, I never imagined that I would have seen him performing live. He is regarded as the singer of some of the most romantic songs in history – “There Goes My Everything,” “Winter World of Love,” “Lonely is a Man Without Love,” “Please Release Me,” and “Blue Spanish Eyes” among many others. (Photo by Francis Q. Farrier)

This is a candid Photograph of Mayor Ubraj Narine of the Garden city of Georgetown, in discussion with two citizens. The citizens were accommodated by Mayor Narine without an appointment. The First Citizen  listened attentively to their concerns and requests for assistance. What I detected in this photograph is a reflection of Service being given by someone in authority to others in need of assistance. (Photo by Francis Q. Farrier)

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