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GUYANA: WEATHER: High waves with above normal high tides expected

Synopsis: 8 m/s to 12 m/s winds are currently being observed in the Atlantic Ocean adjacent to Guyana’s coast. These windy conditions are expected to continue through Monday 4 January, 2021.

Associated conditions: These high winds are generating north-easterly to easterly waves with heights in excess of 3.0 m in open waters and with periods between 9 s and 12 s. The highest waves, in excess of 3.5 m (9 ft – 11 ft), are expected beginning tonight through Sunday afternoon.            Continue reading

OPINION: My Favourite Photographs of 2020 – By Francis Quamina Farrier

Walking southward on the pavement of the Avenue of the Republic in Georgetown, I observed this English tourist taking a photograph of the statue of Queen Victoria which is in the forecourt of the High Court. That was a perfect scenario for me. Click, and this moment is forever frozen in time, which no doubt will please the hearts of members of the Guyana Tourism Authority. (Photo by Francis Q. Farrier)

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OPINION: The Guardian View of Brexit: A Tragic National Error

Editorial | The Guardian UK

Britain is now out of the EU. But this is a day of sadness, not of glory, for we shall always be part of Europe

“And The Answer Is – We’re Out.” Four and a half years have passed since the BBC’s David Dimbleby pronounced the result of Britain’s EU referendum. At 11pm on 31 December, his words became finally and fatefully true. The United Kingdom is now no longer part of the European Union or subject to its rules. We have closed the door and walked away. We are on our own. We’re out.    Continue reading

CUISINE: What’s cooking this holiday? – By Cynthia Nelson

  By Cynthia Nelson – Stabroek News – December 5, 2020

Editor’s Note: A bit late for Christmas but I thought you would like what Cynthia wrote about a month ago, and also view some of her previous cuisine articles at the end of this entry.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve stumbled into December trying to keep my balance. In many ways, this year is like me being outdoors in a wide open space, standing still, the world whizzing by in big blurry images.          Continue reading

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