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OIL: Exxon cannot survive without Guyana – Kaieteur News Editorial

 Jan 23, 2021  Kaieteur News Editorial

Kaieteur News – It may sound farfetched, but it is not. Exxon cannot survive without Guyana; at the very least, its hard road in the struggle for a persuasively profitable standing on a consistent basis would be made supremely more difficult. As we have stated and restated at this publication, without Guyana, many of this American oil powerhouse’s prospects become speckled and strained.

Though we have said it before, and numerous times, we will say it again: Exxon’s profitability and its top tier viability depend on its investments in Guyana’s oil sector, with its many oil-rich oil blocks still remaining to be explored and discovered.          Continue reading

Black Lives Matter Movement Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize – The Guardian UK

Martin Belam | The Guardian UK                                        

The Black Lives Matter movement has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel peace prize for the way its call for systemic change has spread around the world. In his nomination papers, the Norwegian MP Petter Eide said the movement had forced countries outside the US to grapple with racism within their own societies.

“I find that one of the key challenges we have seen in America, but also in Europe and Asia, is the kind of increasing conflict based on inequality,” Eide said. “Black Lives Matter has become a very important worldwide movement to fight racial injustice.      Continue reading

Big Challenges for “Little Guyana” in New York City – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Click to enlarge map

The Richman Hill area of Queens, New York City, is populated with tens of thousands of Guyanese immigrants of Indian heritage, and is known as “Little Guyana.”

It grew out of Guyanese of Indian heritage who migrated and settled in that area of Queens, New York over the past half century. Residents include Doctors, Lawyers, Business People and other professionals. As one travels along the popular Liberty Avenue, one observes many billboards with the word “GUYANA” on them.  Continue reading

POLITICS: The Women are Coming: Empower Women and Change the World – VIDEO

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While we have been distracted by various “Emergencies”, we may be overlooking a growing trend worldwide. Women are being elected to the highest offices in their countries, while others are being recognized for their stellar contributions to society.

This video highlights just a few of them .. Congratulations to all of them!

Guyana has billions more barrels of undiscovered oil – Hess

Hess Corporation CEO John Hess

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hess Corporation, John Hess, a 30 per cent partner in Guyana’s world-class offshore Stabroek oil block, says the company continues to see billions more barrels of future exploration potential remaining, apart from the nine billion barrels already discovered.

Delivering remarks recently at Hess Corporation’s Fourth Quarter 2020 Conference Call, Hess noted “Guyana becomes a significant cash engine as multiple phases of low-cost oil developments come online, which we believe will drive our company’s breakeven price to under US$40 per barrel Brent and provide industry-leading cash flow growth over the course of the decade.”      Continue reading

GUYANA: Venezuela Border: The Dean Rusk to President John Kennedy revelation – By Geoffrey Da Silva 

Map of Guyana – Disputed Area being claimed by Venezuela

This should put an end to contention that there is a legitimate controversy about Essequibo

In letters to the Editor dated September 18 and 27 and October 19 and 21 of 2020, I explored Venezuela’s unjustified and imperialist claim of the Essequibo and its coastal waters.

What is the origin of that claim? Why was the official claim made in1962, sixty-three years after the Paris Arbitral Award of 1899 confirmed that the border between Guyana and Venezuela is “complete, perfect and final”? Why was a claim not made in 1920, 1930, 1940 or 1950 or any other year before 1962?       Continue reading

US Politics: Antony Blinken replaces Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State – BBC News

Antony Blinken: Who is America’s new top diplomat?

By Barbara Plett Usher –BBC State Department correspondent – BBC News 

Antony Blinken addresses a welcome ceremony after arriving at the State Department in Washington DC. Photo: 27 January 2021 REUTERS
 Antony Blinken is a veteran diplomat who’s on home turf in the department

This is the third time I’ve witnessed a new secretary of state enter the building.

For Donald Trump’s envoys – Rex Tillerson and Mike Pompeo – the lobby was packed, infused with a mixture of apprehension and hope.

For Antony Blinken, the lobby was nearly empty because of Covid protocols – but the absent presence of the diplomatic corps was infused with a sense of relief.


Profile: Captain Ralph Clement: Commanding Officer: 9th Precinct; New York Police Department (NYPD)

By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Who leaves Guyana for Canada, at age fourteen, stowaway to New York, and end up as a Captain, and Commanding Officer, in the New York Police Department? Ralph Clement tells his story with unabashed realism, and a seriousness that should warm the heart of the immigrant community. The story inspires, motivates and typifies the splendor of the American Dream. Ralph landed in New York with nothing but dreams. The bus stopped at Times Square and Ralph had to learn the ways of the City.        Continue reading

HEALTH: Surprising Japanese research… – Written By – Huzaifa Surti 

 HEALTH RESEARCH : Written by – Huzaifa Surti

  1. *Acidity* not only caused by diet errors, but more dominated because of *stress*.
  2. *Hypertension* not only caused by too much consumption of salty foods, but mainly because of errors in *managing emotions*.
  3. *Cholesterol* is not only caused by fatty foods, but the *excessive laziness* or sedentary lifestyle is more responsible.          Continue reading

USA POLITICS: America is a nation convulsed by the reality of waning white power – Opinion


Have you ever wondered why there are African-Americans, Latino-Americans, Native-Americans and Caribbean-Americans but no  Anglo-Americans? In f act, there are and they are known as “whites,” signifying power, and there is no reason for a hyphenated label.

“White” is meant also to reflect the conceit that the country is homogenous and all others are add-ons. That is the erroneous belief handed down from even before the founding of the republic. A homogenous society is one like China or India or Japan, where cultural sameness binds citizens together and very strict immigration policies severely limit the influx of foreigners.      Continue reading

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