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MUSIC: Elvis Presley With Martina McBride – “Blue Christmas” – video

Have a listen….  I think you will enjoy…. It’s amazing what they can do with technology…..  a great tribute to both singers…. 

Given the plague raging around us, it’ll likely be a blue Christmas this year.
But let King Elvis cheer things up with this much happier version of, what else, “Blue Christmas”. He’s accompanied by Martina McBride, who would have been
just two years old at the time of this 1968 concert.

No, you didn’t misread this, clever engineering enabled the pair to be seen on stage simultaneously – both as adults. 

MUSIC: Feeling Blessed – By Dave Martins + Music video “Civilization”

By Stabroek News –

It’s one of the features of daily living that we often look back at our lives and feel fortunate for some of the things that have come our way.

I have several friends in this category who will, from time to time, make this point about their own situation, and it occurred to me very recently, after a very touching email from my friend and fellow musician George Jardim, who spoke about his own satisfaction with things on his plate, triggering me into reflecting on what he said as it related to my life.      Continue reading

Guyanese Republic Jubilee Awards Ceremony & Cultural Presentation – December 27. 2020. 7.00PM EST

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