VIDEO: Does This 90 Year-Old Diary Predict The Next DEPRESSION?! – By Neil McCoy-Ward

VIDEO: Does This 90 Year-Old Diary Predict The Next DEPRESSION?! – By Neil McCoy-Ward 

Video published 19 December 2020

Are we heading for another Greater Depression?  This is a 3 PART Series, Part 2 will cover Banking & Finance..

Neil McCoy focuses on ECONOMICS in his videos. He is very knowledgeable and his videos are well researched. Make sure you listen to this one.


Here is a comment on this video – See more comments on the video link at the bottom of this entry.

From discussions I have with people, the reason most fear a collapse is because they fear:

  1. Not being able to pay their bills and losing everything they have or
  2. The abrupt change in lifestyle and comfort.

Pretty simple answer to this: change your paradigm. If you’re paying on something, it’s not yours. Stop claiming ownership and prepare for its removal to its proper owners.

If you’re concerned about an abrupt change to your comfort level, start training yourself for that change now by slowly shifting some of your comforts and retraining yourself on what you think you need.

Learn to concentrate on necessities first. Learn what necessities actually are. Watch videos in poorer countries where nobody gives a toot about markets or house prices and see how they get along and learn. Talk to some old folks about how they got through tough times.

Research, learn and implement plans. Expect the best but prepare for the worst.


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