Short Stories: “Pandemic Musings” and “Erect again!” – By Geoff Burrowes

Musings on being indolent during the pandemic – By Geoff Burrowes

The talking heads on TV are frequently saying that enforced idleness during the pandemic is resulting in mental problems. (See after many years in Canada I can talk like a real Canadian, eh?) People are going nuts not being able to socialise normally and with the threat of a killing disease.

     “Dat ehn’ me!” I have developed in my later years a hammock mentality. I could spend hours at a time in a hammock with a good book!           

But my sweetheart and wife Norma seems to want me around even though I wake up some mornings with a “pup face”. Now you have to understand that pup in this case, doesn’t refer to an adorable young dog but to a foul odour which sometimes occurs after eating a heavy meal.    The result of her wanting me around is that each day, as soon as we have finished breakfast, and I mean breakfast and not lunch (brekfuss) she has me walking laps up and down the hallways.  Please understand that for years she has been eating salt free food for my sake. She has also learnt to use seasoning to make it palatable.

Norma has what Canadians describe as a protestant work ethic, but what we used to call restlessness! Please understand that I’m not complaining – since coming to Canada she has developed into a cook who places mouth-watering meals on the table – guess who is the beneficiary!

She has also found a passion for decorating – please know that this is not a complaint either. Our apartment décor is always new and fresh and our home is therefore a delight to live in. But it comes with a price! She has just finished painting the kitchen cabinets for Christmas. Guess who spent two days unscrewing and screwing back all the knobs. I can hear our female friends saying “Boo hoo – get a life!” But you have to understand that it seriously cuts into my hammock time.

What I’m trying, in my own clumsy way, to say is instead of letting the pandemic’s enforced solitude get you down be glad for and embrace the hammock time.

Jesus said to his disciples “Fear not for I am with you always even unto the end of the age.” As a Christian I choose to believe that He’s speaking to me down through the ages. That relieves a lot of the pressure of this scary time. Hope this is of some help!

  Erect again! – By Geoff Burrowes

How are you doing? Is waking up this morning a blessing? Have the years been good to you?

For the fortunate ones the answer is yes!  For some of us, not so much!  It’s difficult if you are ill, in pain or looking for a job to meet your basic needs, to feel blessed. If you’re grieving for a loved one or a lost love, be optimistic. It’s also hard to be up-beat if you’re mourning for the loss of a dearly held belief!

In my case, after a lifetime of ever-changing political views, I have come to a difficult conclusion -That all of our political systems have failed us. That politicians who started out with the purest and most altruistic motives, have been crushed by the very systems that inspired them. That lies and deceit have become normal and that the welfare of the people who are depending on them has become secondary to the realities of politics.

Have I lost hope? Not for a second! My hope is in a higher power than myself or any man! In my case that is Jesus Christ, The only begotten Son of God. In yours it may be someone else. But I do believe in an all powerful and loving God who cares for me and will for eternity.

When I was young my posture was erect. I read a lot and my heroes were young Jim Hawkins from Treasure Island, Biggles, Gimlet, Tarzan, Tex Ritter, Hopalong Cassidy and at the movies Randolph Scott, Gary Cooper and John Wayne, all of whom were erect, greeted you with a firm handshake, while looking you right in the eye in the eye and I wanted to be like them!

As I aged I got shorter and started to slump because it was easier than standing erect. Fortunately my wife Norma had rehabilitation for pain in her shoulder and her physiotherapist Gemma advised her to raise her head so she wouldn’t slump. I took that good advice and also squared my shoulders and for the first time in a long while started feeling more like the old me.

Similarly I haven’t been praying regularly for a while but when I realized I needed supreme guidance in this perilous world of ours I decided to go back to reading the Bible and praying regularly. I rediscovered the joy of having regular communication with the Lord and will never again allow myself to become slack in this respect. It wouldn’t be fair to me or my family!

I’ll let you know how it’s working out!

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  • Brother Man  On 12/20/2020 at 4:08 am

    You can’t beat Guyana food and we fruits. Best on the planet.

  • wally n  On 12/20/2020 at 12:17 pm

    I enjoy articles by Burrowes, so much in common growing up. With regards to growing old, I did find something strange, but good…I am playing table tennis for many many years, with the same guys. My last doctor, (worlds best) had mentioned how valuable to ones health, T T can be, quoted Dr Amen, never heard of him…point was Chinese couples who were older then, still playing, but slower. I think that table tennis was really really good to me.

    By Daniel G. Amen, MD
    My favorite physical activity is table tennis, which also happens to be the world’s best brain sport. It is highly aerobic and gets both the upper and lower body moving in every which way — twisting, bending down low, reaching up high, and shuffling from side to side. Plus, it gives your brain one heckuva workout…

    My doctor did say, try as you might but, sometimes your DNA can end up kicking you in the ass..He never drank or smoke, ran 5km. every, yes every morning early…retired with alzheimer early sixties.
    Stay well guys..stay well

  • geoffburrowes  On 03/05/2021 at 12:58 pm

    Thanks Wally N

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