MUSIC: Nostalgia – The Platters – “Remember When” + Playlist of their songs

MUSIC: Nostalgia – The Platters – “Remember When”

In 1954, The Platters was considered the most romantic of all the doo wop groups (that is, the ultimate in “make out music”), hit after hit came tumbling forth in a seemingly effortless manner: “Only You,” “The Great Pretender,” “My Prayer,” “Twilight Time,” “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes,” “Harbor Lights,” all of them establishing the Platters as the classiest of all, eventually earning the distinction of being the first black act of the era to top the pop charts.   

The Platters – All the Best / Greatest Hits – 10 tunes

The Platters – All the Best / GREATEST HITS Tracklist: 1) Enchanted 00:00 2) I’m sorry 03:12 3) My Prayer 06:24 4) One in a Million 09:29 5) Only you 12:22 6) Sixteen Tons 15:15 7) The Great Pretender 18:06 8) The Magic Touch 21:03 9) Twilight time 23:49 10) You will never never know 26:53

The Platters story …. continued

Their mentor, manager, producer, songwriter, and vocal coach, Buck Ram. Ram took what many would say were a run-of-the-mill R&B doo wop vocal group and turned them into stars and one of the most enduring and lucrative groups of all time.

With their manager’s pop songwriting classics as their musical palette, the group quickly became a pop and R&B success.

The first thing The Platters did was put the lead vocal status squarely on the shoulders of lead tenor Tony Williams. Williams’ emoting power was turned up full blast with the group,  augmented with Zola Taylor, working as very well-structured vocal support framing his every note.

Williams struck out on his own in 1961 and, by the decade’s end, the group had disbanded with various members starting up their own version of the Platters. This bit of franchising now extends into the present day, with an estimated 125 sanctioned versions of “the original Platters” out on the oldies show circuit. ~ Cub Koda, All Music Guide

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