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TOURISM GUYANA: Linden. Demerara – Watooka Guest House Renovations – By Steve Connolly

Watooka Guest House. Linden

By Steve Connolly – November 2020

In April 2019, I had visited the area of my birth again … Linden, Guyana.

I have written about this trip in depth but now I will just focus on one topic. I had been reserved a room for a week at the Watooka Guest House in old Watooka, a historic section of Linden 65 miles up the Demerara River from the capital city of Georgetown. At my Rainforest B&B in Georgetown, I had been informed at the last minute that my reservation at Watooka had been cancelled due to renovations.

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ECOLOGY & ECONOMICS: China’s unstoppable fishing fleets are stripping the sea bare

How China is slowly KILLING us all – “CHINA is an enemy of the sea”

Video by Serpenza who has lived in China – video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PPP7sRlHEE

China’s unstoppable fishing fleets are stripping the sea bare, wildlife poaching and illegal harvesting is destroying ecologies around the world… 

They are also linking up with “local companies” (fronts for Chinese companies}, which invest in them in foreign  countries to plunder the fishing stocks of those countries. Fishing, logging and extractive industries are their focus, with little care taken to protect the environment or the people in those countries. China pollutes and neglects its own environment so it is easy to do so overseas.        Continue reading

MUSIC: Nostalgia – The Platters – “Remember When” + Playlist of their songs

MUSIC: Nostalgia – The Platters – “Remember When”

In 1954, The Platters was considered the most romantic of all the doo wop groups (that is, the ultimate in “make out music”), hit after hit came tumbling forth in a seemingly effortless manner: “Only You,” “The Great Pretender,” “My Prayer,” “Twilight Time,” “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes,” “Harbor Lights,” all of them establishing the Platters as the classiest of all, eventually earning the distinction of being the first black act of the era to top the pop charts.   

The Platters – All the Best / Greatest Hits – 10 tunes

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