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MEDICAL: Thailand – One Country’s COVID-19 Success – Kaieteur News Editorial

Kaieteur News – One country has come in for special mention on how it has addressed the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. This country stands as a model for others, especially a poor place like Guyana, which struggles to manage this viral emergency. Though late to make the rounds, the world can learn; we must learn quickly.

According to a MarketWatch article dated November 23, titled ‘WHO head has singled out one developing country for its success in managing the Coronavirus pandemic.” That country is Thailand.            Continue reading

Chapter 3 – FOB – Fresh off the boat ; Chapter 4 – Working in a new environment – By Geoff Burrowes

Chapter 3: FOB – Fresh off the boat – “Welcome to Canada.” – By Geoff Burrowes

Don’t anyone tell you that the first year in a new country is going to be easy! If they tell you that say “Y’u lie!” or if you’ve already adapted “Liar, liar pants on fire!” We had more advantages than most and still culture shock hit us full blast.

We couldn’t have been received more graciously. My cousin Mike met us at the airport and brought us right home. Auntie Dee smiling said “Welcome to Canada.” with big hugs and showed me, Norma, Brian, Dave and Ian into their home where they had a self contained room prepared for us in the basement.  Mike had all the Government forms that we would have to submit, such as the applications for OHIP and for National Insurance.      Continue reading

ENERGY: The Countries With the Most Oil Reserves – Visual Capitalist

Map: The Countries With the Most Oil Reserves (click here)

There’s little doubt that renewable energy sources will play a strategic role in powering the global economy of the future.

But for now, crude oil is still the undisputed heavyweight champion of the energy world.

In 2018, we consumed more oil than any prior year in history – about 99.3 million barrels per day on a global basis. This number is projected to rise again in 2019 to 100.8 million barrels per day.        Continue reading

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