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Guyana History: Royal Visit: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip to British Guiana- February1966

Featured earlier in the Guyanese Online entry of February 7, 2012  LINK 1:03

The Royal Visit of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip to British Guiana in February 1966, a few month before Independence on 26 May 1966

A short film by British Pathe of the Royal Visit to British Guiana in February 1966: 


A royal visit to welcome Guyana’s independence  

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USA: Five Factors That Helped US Democracy Resist Trump’s Election Onslaught – Tom McCarthy | The Guardian UK

Trump’s trashing of norms has been harmful but decentralization, turnout, transparency, the courts and the media played a key role 

Tom McCarthy | The Guardian UK

It is not clear yet whether US democracy “survived” the 2020 presidential election unscathed.

IF DONALD TRUMP’S PLAYBOOK OF SEEKING TO UNDERMINE A LEGITIMATE ELECTION BECOMES STANDARD REPUBLICAN PRACTICE FOR FUTURE ELECTIONS – refuse to concede, make false claims of fraud, fan the flames of conspiracy, sue everywhere and refuse to certify any win by the other side – THEN AMERICAN DEMOCRACY MIGHT ALREADY HAVE SUSTAINED A FATAL WOUND.       Continue reading

OIL: OPEC+ production cuts have done little to boost oil prices – The Economist

The pandemic and the flexibility of America’s shale industry are keeping crude prices low

Graphic detail – Nov 30th 2020 – The Economist

GUYANA: Oil monitoring (we cannot compete); domestic violence (we cannot condone) – GHK Lall Column

  Nov 29, 2020  NewsThe GHK Lall Column 

>>>Encouraging Events, Disturbing Developments<<<

Kaieteur News – Vincent Adams, former Head of the EPA, highlighted the need for training and compensating our people for monitoring and effective compliance with our laws and regulations. I am encouraged that Dr. Adams pinpointed this policing of our ballooning oil industry, which has relevance in other resource areas. To be ahead of the multi-nationals, we must be better than them.    Continue reading

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