GUYANA: Ex-police among eight in custody for Marcus Bisram robbery

Bharrat Shattarpaul (left) with Marcus Bisram.

The police have arrested an ex-police and close friend of Marcus Bisram, Bharrat Shattarpaul, along with seven others, in connection with the robbery committed on the wealthy philanthropist of Number 70 Village, Upper Corentyne, Berbice.

A senior police source disclosed that Shattarpaul was seen earlier in the day, on Sunday, in conversation with a known character who has been charged multiple times for armed robbery, alleged murder, trafficking in narcotics, among other serious offences.  The police had reportedly searched the known character’s vehicle that said day but nothing was found.        

Hours later, Bisram’s premises was pounced on by four men, three armed with guns and one with a cutlass. Police following some leads arrested six persons on Monday and the two others yesterday and are still pursuing other leads. Kaieteur News was reliably informed that Shattarpaul is a close friend of Bisram.

Meanwhile, Commander Jairam Ramlakhan, disclosed that they have since taken note of the video circulating on social media of a masked individual with a gun in hand refuting Bisram’s claim that the bandits stole $5M in cash. In the profanity-laced video, the alleged perpetrator said that they stole $800,000 and not $5M. Bisram has also refuted what the man in the video said and stated that it is of no substance. The police are however investigating the video, the Commander said. All suspects in custody are denying that they were involved in the robbery.

Surveillance footage seen by this publication showed the minute the men entered the yard. In the footage, Bisram was focused on his cellphone while sitting with two female relatives. There were several other persons seated at separate tables in the yard. The four men rushed it and one grabbed the phone out of Bisram’s hand while another seemed to have a confrontation with a male relative of Bisram. Shortly after, the perpetrators guided everyone in the house and spent at least three minutes before exiting and making good their escape. Kaieteur News understands that the men arrived on motorcycles and parked it a few houses away from Bisram’s house, and escaped on the same motorcycles in the direction of Georgetown.

Eight cellular phones including Bisram’s iPhone Pro Max, his two gold bangles (100 pennyweights each), a 100 pennyweight gold chain, a diamond ring worth $12,000 US, $5M Guyana currency and his wallet which contained 7 credit cards and $2,000 US was stolen he said. According to Bisram the $5M Guyana currency was withdrawn some six days ago to pay his attorneys. When questioned about security, Bisram stated that at the time of the robbery he had no security and hasn’t had any security for the past three months.

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