GUYANA: Linden Fund USA (LFU) – Project to assist vulnerable senior citizens in the Linden


Download: LFU seniors care basket project solicitation letter  (PDF)

Earlier this year, Linden Fund USA (LFU) embarked on a project to assist vulnerable senior citizens in the Linden area during these difficult times that were brought about mainly by the pandemic.

So far, we have fed 150 seniors with hot meals twice per week for a total of 9 weeks, receiving coverage by local NCN News for both Phase One and Phase Two of the feeding program. 

Subsequently, we identified 30 of these 150 seniors who needed more help and set in motion a plan to deliver to them a care basket, twice per month for five months, equalling10 distributions (August to December 2020). To date, we have completed 6 distributions at a cost of US$6,000, all of which came from donations made by you, your families and friends. We have 4 more distributions to make, which will cost US$4,000.

As an organization that has as its mission assisting our hometown of Linden, Guyana, we are asking you to make a monetary donation to this care basket project targeting our vulnerable senior citizens. Your donation will be noted and you will receive an official letter for tax purposes.

There are multiple ways for you to make a donation to the LFU:

1. Zelle, (bank-to-bank) using our official email address:

2. PayPal, using a credit card at our website:

3. Check, payable to Linden Fund USA, and given to the person asking your donation
or mailed to P.O. Box 101028, Brooklyn, NY 11210

On behalf of LFU, thank you in anticipation of a donation to our care basket project.

Yours for progress,
Michael Campbell (New Jersey Chapter Chair) -LFU,
Joan Casey (New York Chapter Chair) -LFU

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