GUYANA: HISTORY: 1763: Rebellion or revolution? – Moray House: Virtual Event – 24th November 2020

Title1763: Rebellion or revolution?

Discussants: Professor Marjoleine Kars and Dwayne Benjamin

Date: Tuesday 24th November 2020
Time: 5.00 pm Guyana time [4.00 pm Toronto & New York, 9.00 pm UK].


Meeting ID: 824 7120 4601   –   Passcode: 132182

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This event will take the form of a discussion between Prof Marjoleine Kars (author of the recently published Blood on the River: a chronicle of mutiny and freedom on the Wild Coast) and Dwayne Benjamin (Senior Lecturer, History, University of Guyana). Prof Kars’ account draws on material found in 900 interrogation transcripts of those involved – a rare opportunity to hear the voices of the enslaved alongside the enslavers. As is customary, there will be an opportunity for questions and comments at the end of the discussion.

There are short podcasts about 1763 and maps of the Dutch colony of Berbice available on our website:

More background material later.

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