GUYANA: ““We will not put up with this nonsense” – Granger to PPP” on YouTube

GUYANA: ““We will not put up with this nonsense” – Granger to PPP” on YouTube (HGP-TV)

APNU/AFC leaders and supporters protest the firings of over 500 civil servants by the new PPP government.

They call on Guyanese to join in solidarity with those affected by Regime’s action, especially with COVID-19 affecting employment.

They also criticised the handling of the COVID-19 epidemic since the PPP took office. Deaths have increased and now number 138. On August 02 there were only 21 deaths…

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  • Dennis Albert  On 11/14/2020 at 10:33 pm

    Many public sector workers are educated and they are in short supply given the new oil industries and growing population and GDP growth. Now is not the time to cut government services.

    The PPP rewards nepotism and pan-Indianism by investing $5 billion Yankee dollars during a short time frame (with US$1.5 Billion allocated to revive the dead sugar estates along Region 4 and 5).

    The oil money is going to enrich those who pray to idols and kiss the feet of men wearing saffron and gold.

    The livelihoods of the educated, urban and cosmopolitian classes in G/Town are going to be decimated because of the caste system returning to Guyana with oil money providing unlimited supply of oil revenues. ExxonMobil is estimating that there are more than 50 leads yet to be discovered in the Stabroek Block alone.

    The PPP is enacting ethnic genocide in the coming years by cutting off the incomes, and eventually, the lives of those who are deemed the “Dalits of the Caribbean”.

    But it’s funny because many PPP supporters would be categorised as “dalits” by the Indian people.

  • the only  On 11/15/2020 at 5:23 pm

    Why is this guy DENNIS ALBERT being allowed to blame the PPP for all the bad things happening in this world since the begging of time till now. You MR. CYRIL have to stop this.

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