US ELECTIONS: Trump and Biden predict win but election goes to wire – BBC News – LIVE Updates

  1. Results suggest a tight race in the key battlegrounds of the Midwest and Rust Belt of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Iowa and Wisconsin
  2. Donald Trump is so far projected to hold 21 states, including Texas and must-win Florida, having outperformed pollsters’ predictions
  3. Challenger Joe Biden could snatch Arizona, while projections have him securing a host of reliably Democratic states
  4. Mr. Biden tells supporters in Delaware the election is “not over until every ballot is counted” and insists: “We are on track to win”
  5. Mr. Trump tweets declaring “a big win” and promises a statement but has a post hidden by Twitter after accusing opponents of trying to “steal” the election
  6. The US is on course for its highest turnout in more than a century and counting in some states will not finish on election day

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  • Dennis Albert  On 11/04/2020 at 8:19 am

    Trump tweeted that he won and he isn’t stepping down.
    The PPP must be happy

  • Deryck Beckles  On 11/04/2020 at 1:13 pm

    USA pollsters need to change their professions. They have been so wrong in their predictions over at least the past four to five years, it’s unimaginable that they continue to get paid for doing such lousy jobs. I guess their predictions confirm the GIGO terminology.. Garbage In Garbage Out.

    Also, I wonder what the thought process is among that group of (stupid) Guyanese (and I am being kind) who were asking for Guyana to become part of the USA? Are you unaware of how the USA treats residents of Peurto Rico and Guan? Do you think the USA will treat Guyanese differently? Here is the country that calls itself the greatest democracy in the World, unable to conduct a proper ans civil election process. With an incompetent leader who has no respect for the rule of law and who has surrounded himself with criminals. How swell? What a poor representation of a democratic process. Let’s wait until the end of this week to see the results and follow up reactions.

    At the time of writing this comment the counting of votes is incomplete in several states but Trump’s team has already made threats to engage lawyers if Trump is not satisfied with final results. Followed by possible court proceedings maybe all the way to the highest court. Who knows how this will turn out? We collectively can only pray and hope it will be resolved without civil unrest in this country where everyone seems to believe it is their God given right to bear arms. Oh yeah, Americans and their guns. That’s another topic.

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