China vs USA: China’s Focus On Infrastructure vs US Military Spending – By Shaun Rein -Video

China vs USA: China’s Focus On Infrastructure versus US Military Spending – By Shaun Rein -Video

China has built a network of high speed railway tracks that connect all cities with over one million inhabitants. These trains can travel up to 350 km/hour thus reducing the time for commuting. They are now building trains using maglev technology to double their speed and further reduce the time it takes to travel between their major cities. 

In the meantime, the USA has no high-speed train service. Its infrastructure is deteriorating while it has spent almost seven trillion dollars in wars since 9-11. The proposed budget for 2021 is over $700 billion to support the military with their over 80 military bases worldwide.  “The USA should focus not on Conflict but Connection.”

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  • wic  On 11/03/2020 at 11:55 am

    China does not care one iota about the environment and many of its projects would be halted in various parts of the world including the US. It should be noted that with a population of nearly 4 times the size of the US, China needs efficient transportation to help with the movement of its people where they are not locked down.

    On the military side, China has been quietly seizing and paving over small atolls in the Pacific as forward bases intending to eventually terrorize and take over smaller countries in the area so as to get at their natural resources. Most likely such expenditure is classified as infrastructure and not military, but it IS military. Research what’s happening in the area of the Spratly Islands. As such, China doesn’t need aircraft carriers and supporting ships when it has bases from which it can stage threats as far as Australia and the Philippines.

    On the other hand the US needs to spend on its military not only to defend its mainland from China, North Korea and Iran but to counter China expansionist policies in the Pacific and support US allies there. In the end, Russia will not be the enemy of the US, but of China, as China wants Russia’s land and natural resources(remember the two countries share a common border).

    Additionally, China probably has a budget to fund various people in the world who are in a position to influence public opinion in the media against the US. Is Rein one of them? Be thoughtful about what you read, as if in another posting yesterday, someone from Guyana said he heard that Christianity is illegal in Canada, What other propaganda and fake news is out there?

  • brandli62  On 11/04/2020 at 7:32 am

    I agree mostly with wic’s comments about China’s threats to its neighbours. The situation in the South China Sea and towards Taiwan are worrisome. To anybody living in the US or visiting from abroad, it’s however evident that the US infrastructure is substandard and crumbling. Didn’t Trump call himself a specialist on infrastructure? Apart from renovating existing parts of the border wall to Mexico, not much else has happened.

  • Masao Miwa  On 03/16/2021 at 3:41 am

    So why does China have only 20 outposts and Vietnam 50+? Maybe the US wants Vietnam to have them all?

  • wally n  On 03/16/2021 at 1:17 pm

    Trump spent four years fighting with democrats,(and many republicans) he never had a chance to attack internal rot in AMERICA. The border was the source of great concern, least of which was flooding of the country, and the cost of supporting them.His name should never come up in the conversation. China is today’s predator, smarter and much more subtle, already bought off most of the influential politicians around the world, not to mention the compromising pictures they use on the others. The world needs a country with a strong military today, not to actually engage, but to be a deterrent, Chinese may be nasty,crooked, the last thing they want is a war, with America.

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